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Sep 14th 2004

John/John – The Ambigiously “Foreign Policy” Duo!

From yesterday’s news:

Senator Kerry is accusing the Bush administration of letting what he described as a “nuclear nightmare” develop in North Korea by refusing to deal with Pyongyang when Mr. Bush first came to office in 2001.

kerry_ambiguouslygay.jpgAnd yet, what would John/John do to curb the nuclear crisis in Iran? Almost the exact same thing that Clinton did in North Korea!

A John F. Kerry administration would propose to Iran that the Islamic state be allowed to keep its nuclear power plants in exchange for giving up the right to retain the nuclear fuel that could be used for bomb-making, Democratic vice presidential nominee John Edwards said in an interview yesterday.

Kerry first outlined the idea of providing nuclear fuel to Iran in a speech in June — a proposal favored by many Europeans — but Edwards, who twice described the concept as a “bargain,” was more explicit in suggesting the Kerry administration would actively try to reach an agreement with the Iranians.

5 Responses to “John/John – The Ambigiously “Foreign Policy” Duo!”

  1. al

    I love the picture… I can’t wait for all the SNL skits on this.

  2. "Bob"

    yes, yes… very nice…

  3. Week-log

    El “breve recorrido sobre los post de esta semana que me llamaron la atención” ™….

  4. Consistently stupid.

    Doug’s post from over two weeks ago perfectly summarizes the stupidity of the Kerry-Edwards approach to dealing with Iranian nuclear ambitions.

    Surprisingly, as you may note from Doug’s post on Edwards’ explanation of their plan, Kerry has actual…

  5. Week-log

    El “breve recorrido sobre los post de esta semana que me llamaron la atenci󮦱uot; ™….