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Oct 16th 2004

Jon Stewart Destroys Crossfire

Daily Show host Jon Stewart was on Crossfire yesterday and was not funny at all. Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala were expecting him to ham it up, but Stewart came out of the gate criticizing Crossfire (and other “political shows”) and didn’t stop swinging until the end.

The thing is, as Mitch would say, that Stewart is right on in his criticism. Crossfire usually devolves into a shouting match of talking points, just like so many other “debate shows.” Why can’t we have Michael Kinsley and Pat Buchanan back?


3 Responses to “Jon Stewart Destroys Crossfire”

  1. yeah…(as mitch would say)…i don’t think he’s gonna be invited back.

  2. Al

    That was awesome! I loved how he was ripping them apart and being funny about it, yet they couldn’t see the funny. What he said was right on too! I loved that they tried to say he has a responsibility to the public only for Stewart to come back saying his show is preceded by muppets making prank calls. haha! I still laugh thinking about it. Great post!

  3. Brian

    jon stewart conradicts himself. tucker carlson asks, “But you can ask him a real question, don’t you think, instead of saying…” jon stewart replies, “I don’t think I have to.” then at the end of the show, (and yes i am going in chronological order and yes these are the real quotes just watch the clip) a lady asks, “Why do you think it’s hard or difficult or impossible for politicians to answer a straight, simple question?” then stewart replies, ” I don’t think it’s hard. I just think that nobody holds their feet to the fire to do it. So they don’t have to. They get to come on shows that don’t…” now, thats a huge contradiction. also words like “dick” and “blows” are inapproriate for an “adult” to be saying on national television. the people who are on the far left say jon stewart owned him or whatever. well, the election spoke for that. and tucker carlson is now doing two shows, one on pbs and one on msnbc, whereas jon stewart does one. haha, and jon stewart is partisan. i mean, I am at a college in boston and most of the students are liberal. on election night they put on CNN at first. but when they saw kerry was slipping away they put on the daily show. hmmmm, partisan? yes. jon stewart immature who’s stuck in college? most definitely.