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Nov 30th 2006

Kamau Kambon’s Kumbaya

I don’t even know how to introduce this. Just watch.


6 Responses to “Kamau Kambon’s Kumbaya”

  1. briant

    How white do you have to be to get exterminated? I know Doug is a goner, but what about those of half-latino origin such as travis?

  2. My oh my … I have a very good tan … if I dye my blond hair and not talk or eat in public and wear totally obnoxious un matching clothes, I just might make it too … naw, I’m a goner too.

  3. This guy put it out there. We all know this but we try not to accept it, but we feel it. This guy is almost right, the white power force is a problem but all life has a right to live. But think about this the sun provides life to liven things on earth but the sun is trying to kill white people because there time is up and thay are going out with a fight. Thay are doing all thay can to keep us from comming up. the whites at the top know this, the other whites deny this or are plan dumm. If the black people stand up and get knowlage of self and do for self, every thing will fall in place. Black people are of the heavens and the earth, we are the original earth people the humans made of the rich black soil of the earth called humus,everyone with a earthly hu is a human the ones without are just man, and man is the problem. check this out the black rich soil called humus gets weak over time and turns into white sand,no more hu. In time black people get weak and lose our hu and turn white, if you do not beleave me just look it most of the new blacks the ones born from 1970 to now, the black hair has turned red and blond and comes out more straight or wavy than before and our skin is gitting lighter and lighter. So yes we are turning white, so don`t hate.It takes 20.000 years for a black tribe to turn white and this is how most of the races came into play but the blacks came first. So when God thought of creating people for earth he thought of black people first. So the black man is the son of God and the father of man. Years ago we thought it to be a sin to turn white, so we push them out to the dead ends of the earth and in time they began to multiply and become a health problem so we had to teach them but they where at the bottom. The white women started having babys by black men and take on the names of the black man to have a better life. The white man hated to see his woman run to the blackman and he knew to save his race, he had to kill the blackman. The white man knew he had to first take our wealth, so they learned at our school of knowlage and started to move in more and more and with our knowlage they open up clubs to work on the plan to kill the blackman. the white man trained white woman to get every black king,prince,or wealth blackman they could get there hands on and have half white childen, then teach them to marry other whites to white out the black blood and gain the wealth.This happened all over the world and still happens today. So yes there has always been a race war the only thing is that black people are not frighting back.

  4. John R.

    If a white man called for the slaughter of every black person on earth, Jesse, Al and the rest of the pseudo-ministers would be marching in front of their house on the weekends.The name Hitler would be invoked and no one would rest until they were hanging from a tree. Different rules for different colors. Comment from Dallas, TX.

  5. Hap W.

    Killing all the white people would require work and we know how blacks feel about work, besides who would send them their checks each month.

  6. doug

    Standing by my general tendency to leave dumb comments up, I won’t delete anything from this thread. But I am closing it, to avoid further racism of any flavor from bubbling forth.