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Sep 24th 2003

know any soldiers?

frank j is getting serious. and that’s saying something.

As I’ve said before on my own site, I don’t get legitimately angry that often, but one thing has been pissing me off lately, and that’s the coverage of the war in the media. All we hear is the negative news, and everything is painted to make the war look like a failure. Yet, anytime I talk to one of our troops who has actually been in Iraq, the outlook is quite different. I hear how nice and thankful the Iraqi people are. I hear of all the progress that is being made. I hear of the schools the troops have help built, and how big Marines are sitting on teeter-totters and swing sets teaching Iraqi kids how to use them since those children have never had a playground before.

And I never hear any of this in the major media.

Some of this is just the habit of media to dwell on the negative, but not all of it. These are stories people want to hear, but too many news organizations have no interest in them. And I don’t think I’m going to far out on limb to say some of them are purposely ignoring any good news to try to spin victory into failure. They are trying to fight a propaganda war.

Well, let’s fight back.
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Luckily, Rep. Jim Marshall has come out and made a statement so radical that only a Democrat could get away with saying it; he has accused the negative coverage of killing our troops. And God bless him for it. Hopefully that will stir thing up. And I know much of the blogosphere has been on the issue for a while, the Blogfather himself having been posting a lot on this topic lately. And that’s what the blogosphere is for, to fill in the gaps of the major media. But this is a really big gap this time, and it is hugely important. So let’s see what we, the blogosphere, the politically concerned blog writers and the blog readers, can do if we really flex our muscles.

frank j is requesting stories from soldiers in iraq and afghanistan. the idea is, truth will combat journalistic lies (or at least inaccuracies), and america, american and coalition forces, and freedom in general will benefit from it.

soldier, 1st infantry

this transcript from brit hume’s special report tells more of the story.

[go here for more details on frank j’s new project]

UPDATE. here is the site:

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