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Mar 29th 2004

Kofi & Kojo: The Annans

We now know that Kofi Annan & Family are directly involved in the Iraqi oil-for-food fiasco. William Safire writes:

Responding to a harangue in this space on March 17, the spokesman for Kofi Annan confirmed that the secretary general’s soft-spoken son, Kojo, was on the payroll of Cotecna Inspections of Switzerland until December 1998. In that very month, the U.N. awarded Cotecna the contract to monitor and authenticate the goods shipped to Iraq.

Prices were inflated to allow for 10 percent kickbacks, and the goods were often shoddy and unusable. As the lax Cotecna made a lot of corporate friends, Iraqi children suffered from rotted food and diluted medicines.
[source via Instapundit]

And liberals wonder why the United Nations is viewed by so many with contempt and loathing…

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