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May 23rd 2003

let’s say we’re laughing with him


jayson blair–the man who forgot to spell-check his own first name–is making us laugh again. his interview with the new york observer was so comical, several news sources, including msnbc reported on the interview.

here are the high points from the interview:

  • blair laughs when the subject turns to his made up stories: “[my] descriptions [were] just so far off from reality,” he said, about reading his own work. “i just couldn�t stop laughing.” and he said he fabricated all those stories because he wanted to get fired. (apparently just quitting would have been too easy?)
  • he calls his NYtimes editors “idiots” and “misguided” and his former boston globe colleagues “a bunch of thin-skinned, sheltered, cocooned babies.� such lavish praise!
  • he never graduated from college. (hmmm. no college degree, writing for the NYtimes….affirmative action had nothing to do with it, though, as blair makes clear)
  • “I fooled some of the most brilliant people in journalism! If they�re all so brilliant and I�m such an affirmative-action hire, how come they didn�t catch me?” [this is a real quotation]
  • but didn’t he just say they were “idiots”? contradictions seem to come easily with this fellow. and by way of refuting his argument about affirmative-action–isn’t a good reporter honest, meticulous, and accurate? so a reporter who got the job based on a factor besides merit could very well be lacking in those skills. in other words, he could be dishonest, careless, and inaccurate…three words that describe jayson blair’s writing.

  • however, my favorite part of the article is when he speaks of himself in 3rd person: “so jayson blair the human being could live,” he said, “jayson blair the journalist had to die.” spoken like a true psychopath.
  • if you haven’t already gone to the article yet, don’t delay. its humorous and its like a modern-day fable. in fact, if it were a fable, it would probably be called “the lying reporter with brains of goat-cheese and his superiors, the most misguided idiots in journalism”

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