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Mar 27th 2006

Live at Wal-Mart

Skyler Bartels has to be one of the coolest college students around. Instead of heading to the beach for spring break he decided to live at Wal-Mart.

Some kids go to Cancun. Skyler Bartels, a Drake University sophomore from Harvard, Neb., went to the garden and patio department.

He was never out to get Wal-Mart, he explained. This wasn’t supposed to be an expose.

Bartels didn’t burst through the door stewing about low wages, poor working conditions or the way the big chain chews up Mom and Pop.

Bartels walked into the big box wearing jeans and a white T-shirt. He had his cell phone in case of emergency, his heart medicine, his bank card, two forms of identification, and nothing else.

If you have a couple minutes, read the whole article. It is worth it.

3 Responses to “Live at Wal-Mart”

  1. Ryan

    Interesting…I don’t understand the purpose. It seems like one of those surreal things people think are really cool to do.

    It is interesting to think that since it is open 24/7 it is possible to live there.

  2. Maggie

    I’m going to have to disagree. Definitely not worth the read. I want my three minutes back.

  3. This is ridiculous. My friend Mark did this years ago. Lasted for 49 hours WITHOUT SPENDING any money. Much more sophisticated