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Jan 12th 2008

Lois Davidson responds to Huckabee

Mike Huckabee was asked on Hannity & Colmes about this ad which is running in South Carolina. It features the mother of the woman who was killed by Wayne Dumond (the guy Huckabee lobbied the parole board to release). Here is Huckabee’s exchange with Hannity:

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HANNITY: I guess this goes with frontrunner status that you’ve now achieved, especially after your Iowa victory here. There is an ad out tonight about this Dumont [sic] case.


HANNITY: We’ve discussed it before, 527 group put it out there, the mother of this, this, Dumont [sic] was released under parole, and it says if not for Mike Huckabee, my daughter would be alive.

HUCKABEE: Terrible tragic situation.

And obviously we wish we could bring that woman back. We can’t. The tragedy is that, misstating the facts of that case, and insinuating that I went out and let him go when the parole is not the purview of a governor. But here is what’s tragic.

When candidates in these 527 anonymous groups, funded by some candidate’s supporter, when they get so desperate, they will exploit the victim of a crime and put their families through that, how low does politics have to go before we finally say enough?

What the #&%$*& is in the drinking water in Hope, Arkansas? Huckabee is just like Clinton. Attack the messenger, attack the messenger, attack the messenger.

Here is Lois Davidson’s response to Huckabee’s BS:

• “Last night, Mike Huckabee accused me of being exploited and used for political purposes. I assure you, Mr. Huckabee, I am not being exploited. I am fully aware of the actions I have taken in attempting to inform the public of your role in my daughter’s rape and murder. I have spent over 7 years thinking about this.
• “I am not a dupe. But you, Governor Huckabee, were duped time and again by convicted felons who once released from prison by you began hurting people again.
• “Mr. Huckabee, I am not a victim. However, my daughter was a victim. She was raped and murdered by a serial rapist that you wanted freed from prison. Please be honest about the role you played in releasing my daughter’s killer.”

The truth is that Mike Huckabee let people out of prison because they shout ‘Jesus’ and pretend to be born-again Christians. The Huckster is a religous nut. Period. Can you imagine any sane person letting convicted felons like Dumond out of the jail because they convert to your faith? It’s crazy. It’s dangerous. And it demonstrates why Mike Huckabee is unfit to be president.

Here is the ad going up in South Carolina:


4 Responses to “Lois Davidson responds to Huckabee”

  1. travis

    In South Carolina Friday, White House hopeful Fred Thompson continued his criticism of rival Mike Huckabee, calling the primary contest a fight between the ideals of Ronald Reagan and populist appeals that blame others for problems.

    The former Tennessee senator and actor has declared South Carolina his “line in the sand.” An early favorite when he entered the race, Thompson has since been overshadowed by Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor who has wide appeal to Christian conservatives, and by John McCain, the Arizona senator who got a boost with his New Hampshire victory.

    Thompson questioned Huckabee’s commitment to Reagan’s principles.

    A Huckabee spokesman suggested Thompson apparently can’t sell himself so is resorting to desperate tactics.

    a thompson spokesman might respond, “apparently mike huckabee can’t defend his liberal positions on issues, so he is resorting to the disingenuous, desperate tactic of blaming the messenger to avoid having to respond to fred’s legitimate and serious claims.”

  2. I think you nailed it. Huckabee scares me.

  3. Al

    Can I get an amen?!

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