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May 29th 2003

lord stanley’s cup

when i was about 6 or 7 year old, i heard a play-by-play announcer call hockey’s stanley cup “the most coveted trophy in sports.” i had to ask my dad what that meant. stanley cup facts:

-it is the oldest trophy for which professional athletes compete. it was first awarded in 1893, 110 seasons ago.
-it weighs 35 pounds.
-Is the only trophy in professional sports that has the name of every winning player, coach, and personnel from the management and staff engraved on it. [there were 2,116 names on the stanley cup as of may 2002. in the early days, players added their names to the trophy by scratching them onto the original bowl with a knife or a nail. nowadays, the league does that for them.]

look how happy these guys are. they won the stanley cup.
gretzky_cup.jpg cup_constantinov.bmp captainmessier_stanleycup.jpg shanahan-kiss-98cup2.jpg mario-cup.jpg

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