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May 9th 2008

McCain on Climate Change Tour

This nugget from the Examiner via Drudge:

John McCain is going to be doing more of these themed tours of America, and one of them is going to be on energy and global climate change.

Wonderful. Perhaps McCain is planning to hire Al Gore as a campaign consultant. Personally, I’d prefer Coach Edmo.

3 Responses to “McCain on Climate Change Tour”

  1. Coach Edmo

    Nah. . . Coach Edmo’s a gasbag too!

  2. Al

    Al Gore said Coach’s gases might actually be the cause of global warming. At least according to his blog, “The Effects of Global Warming on My Brain Child, The Internet.”
    He mentions that anyone who allows the passage of flatus is not American and does not care about the environment. He stores his in a lockbox.

  3. bnice

    what’s wrong with the free-market approach mccain is taking? it will produce jobs and reduce dependency on foreign oil. not everything green is bad.