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Aug 29th 2006

After I purchased a memory upgrade through their website, they emailed to ask if I would like $5 back on my order? (who wouldn’t?) They promised that if I posted a link to their site from mine, mentioning some of the keywords they want to be associated with, I would receive $5.

This is valuable to them because a link pointing to their website from a site with high page rank (like ours), will improve their standing with internet search engines for the connected keywords (ie “Computer Memory,” “Laptop Memory,” “Memory Upgrade,” “Laptop Batteries,” “USB Flash Drives”, “Memory Cards” and the like).

When I took them up on their offer, however, they then emailed and said thanks, we will refund you $5 in 30 days. Fine, I thought. But 60 days have passed now. I emailed them about a month ago around their magical 30-day mark, but the self-proclaimed customer service whizzes who sell computer and laptop memory upgrades, as well as laptop batteries, USB flash drives, and memory cards have taken no action to live up to their side of our bargain.

here are some merchant reviews for

UPDATE (November 16, 2008): Yan of monitors this discussion thread and has helped to resolve customer complaints posted here, including mine. If you have experienced a problem with a cpu memory order, contact him directly:

Yan Bashkin
Memory Suppliers, Inc.
800-979-9707 x 227

If you are not able to resolve your problems through him, feel free to post your story here.

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  1. a couple of my other comments have not been posted for some reason.

    not a couple comments. only one comment was not approved, and that is because its veracity could not be verified. it followed the post by a customer who claimed a negative experience, and you posted it, purportedly from him, saying glowingly that memorysuppliers fixed the problem and yada yada. i questioned why you would have to post the customer’s retraction for him, so i did not approve the comment. if you forward me the original email so i can verify it, i will gladly post it.

    also, feel free to send me the $5 rebate you promised me two years ago, and never sent.

    thanks again!

  2. Mike

    Hey no problem! I just wanted to give you an option from the other side of the fence. I mean there are plenty of crappy companies out there and some deserve to be slammed trust me(verizon comes to mind). I just don’t feel that this is one of those companies. I mean you even have a rep from memory suppliers on here trying to help the people posting! To me that seems to redeem them and if they were such a crappy company why are they on here trying to help?

  3. Admin,

    I would not waste my time and claim that an issue have been resolved if in fact it has not been. There are some posts on here that display frustration with Memory Suppliers, Inc. and out of that frustration the negative and a bit exaggerated comments follow.

    I would gladly process the $5 rebate for you, please contact me directly at with information about your order.

    Once again, we strive for Customer’s 100% Satisfaction, however 100% Satisfaction is sometimes not an easy goal to achieve in any types of business.

    My door is always open and I am here 7 days a week checking e-mails, and taking phone calls 5 days a week. Please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my absolute best to rectify the issue asap. Once again, my contact info is or 800-979-9707 Ext 227.

  4. it looks like i saved the last email i got from, which contains the chain of emails where memorysuppliers induced me to assist with their SEO, my response showing that i did so, and memorysuppliers promising to pay the credit after 30 days. no credit was ever paid. subsequent emails to the company received no response. this post went live about 30 days after memorysuppliers breached its obligations under our valid unilateral contract.

    RE: order memorysuppliers-****** [redacted] [$5 off]
    From: Service – Memory Suppliers (
    Sent: Mon 6/26/06 10:57 AM
    To: travis [redacted]

    Thank you we appreciate your help. Once we verify that that (sic) the link has been up for 30 consecutive days we will go ahead and post the $5 credit to your account. Thank you very much for your business and your help.

    If you have any further questions or if we can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to email us back. You may also contact us at 800-979-9707 and we shall gladly answer your questions.

    Always here to assist you,
    Customer Care
    Memory Suppliers

    —–Original Message—–
    From: travis [redacted]
    Sent: Monday, June 26, 2006 2:29 AM
    Subject: RE: order memorysuppliers-****** [redacted] [$5 off]

    i mentioned memory suppliers here:

    —-Original Message Follows—-
    From: “ – Your One Stop Memory Solution”
    (through Yahoo! Store Order System)
    To: [redacted]
    Subject: order memorysuppliers-****** [redacted] from – Your
    One Stop Memory Solution
    Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 19:41:05 -0700 (PDT)

    We have a special money saving offer for you today. If you would like to receive a $5 credit back on your credit card for this order, simply post a link
    to on your website (with a short description of our products). When finished, email us the web address where the link is posted and we will give you a $5 credit back on to your original credit card.

    Thank you for choosing as your memory upgrade source.

  5. John

    I have used MS twice for small purchases, and so far have recived all merchandise as advertised and in a timely fashion. I am not surprised, but glad to see a website that allows people to announce their issues with a company, as long as there is some form to validate the claims. I noticed that you told the company rep that his post was not entered due to the fact that it could not be validated. I am sure that MS has some unsatisfied customers, as does every business I know of. I just do not happen to be one of them.

  6. Good Day Everyone,

    Travis, thank for posting the updated message:

    “UPDATE (June 30, 2008): Yan of monitors this discussion thread and has helped to resolve customer complaints posted here. Thus, if you have experienced a problem with a cpu memory order and have not been able to resolve your problems directly with the company, feel free to post your story here. It is very likely that your problem will be resolved quickly.”

    Also, I would like to follow up with my contact information once again. If you are reading this and recently had an unpleasant experience with please do not hesitate to contact me directly and I will do my absolute best to have the issue rectified for you as soon as possible.

    My contact information is: or 800-979-9707 Ext 227 – Yan

  7. Yan

    Good Day Everyone,

    Travis, thank you for posting the updated message:

    “UPDATE (June 30, 2008): Yan of monitors this discussion thread and has helped to resolve customer complaints posted here. Thus, if you have experienced a problem with a cpu memory order and have not been able to resolve your problems directly with the company, feel free to post your story here. It is very likely that your problem will be resolved quickly.”

    Also, I would like to follow up with my contact information once again. If you are reading this and recently had an unpleasant experience with please do not hesitate to contact me directly and I will do my absolute best to have the issue rectified for you as soon as possible.

    My contact information is: or 800-979-9707 Ext 227 – Yan

  8. Yan Bashkin


    I have asked you at least 5 times to provide me with your information, so I could pull up your order number, for some reason everyone of your responses is on defensive side and it seems like all you are trying to do is harm Memory Suppliers, Inc. I apologize for sending you e-mails to which you failed to respond… All you had to do is say that you did receive my e-mail and not to bother you again, but you chose to just not respond… How am I to know if you received my e-mails or not.

    Trevor, once again, please provide me with your order information, an order number would be very helpful. If you refuse to e-mail it to me, just simply post it here. A 6 digit number will not reveal any of your private information to the readers.

    My e-mail address is and you could reach me toll free at 800-979-9707 Ext 227.

  9. Travis

    Yak, we exchanged several emails, so you know I have received your emails.

    My order number is 254537.

    Let me remind people what you said in a private email in response to the email I sent you:

    your accusations of breaching a contract are not valid. In fact, if one has breached the contract, it is not

    Nevertheless, in spite of your horrendous customer service, and the fact that you wrongly accused me of a breach of contract and defiantly refused to solve my problem, I posted a very charitable update to my complaint post, one that I thought would reassure people that they could trust you to resolve their problems eventually.

    Additionally, after I posted this I emailed you to wish you well in your business. But despite all of that, you weren’t happy. You sent this ridiculous email in response:


    If you truly mean this, *”I wish you guys the best in your business.” *then please change the following:

    *”UPDATE (June 30, 2008): *Yan of monitors this discussion thread and has helped to resolve customer complaints posted here. Thus, if you have experienced a problem with a cpu memory order and have not been able to resolve your problems directly with the company, feel free to post your story here. It is very likely that your problem will be resolved quickly.”


    “*UPDATE (June 30, 2008): *Yan of monitors this discussion thread and has helped to resolve customer complaints posted here. Thus, if you have experienced a problem with a cpu memory order and have not been able to resolve your problems directly with the company, feel free to contact Yan directly at 800-979-9707 ext 227 or via e-mail It is very likely that your problem will be resolved quickly.”

    You still haven’t resolved my issue, Yak! And of the two or three people on this thread whose problems you have solved, I honestly believe you only got around to resolving their problems because their complaints were on this public thread and causing you a headache. So I will not ask people to contact you privately if that hurts their chances of obtaining a favorable resolution.

    As for my money, please fulfill your obligations within the next 14 days or I will be forced to file a claim against you in small claims court, and you will be liable not only for the money you owe me as a refund, but also for court costs and fees.

  10. Yan Bashkin

    [comment removed by administrator for spamming violation. this user has submitted the exact same comment in this exact same thread too many times]

    computer memory, printer memory, laptop batteries, usb flash drives, memory cards, memory upgrade

  11. I purchased a memory card for my laptop. I got it at a reasonable price and under the pretense of “Rush Delivery”. Well, it was supposed to arrive overnight and got here over 2 months later. I also tried to contact them several times, with absolutely NO response. Well, I put the memory card in my laptop and it COMPLETELY DIED! The damn thing wont even so much as turn on now. And once again, no friggin response. I usually know better than to not buy fropman internet xompany that I have not validated through the Better Business Bureau, but like a dummy, I didn’t. DO NOT BUY FROM http://WWW.MEMORYSUPPLIERS.COM

  12. And what is this business directly above the leave a reply ection about printinh this and putting as copy of the comment policy with “your living will or advance directive.” WTF?!?!? Whata joke. So when I die… this will help…HOW???

  13. I too am having trouble with this company. I had to start a dispute with Paypal just to get an RMA number after multiple emails to them. Then I get an email they received the memory back on 7/31/08 and they will issue a refund within 1 to 3 business days. That was 2 weeks ago. They don’t respond to emails and their customer service offers to check on it but doesn’t call back. After reading the horror stories on here and the fact that Paypal will not reopen a dispute, I had to go back to my credit card company to dispute the charge so that the chargeback goes to paypal and paypal has to take the funds back from those creeps.

    I will never recommend them to anyone.

  14. doug

    Using psychic power unavailable to lesser beings, I foresee the following comment from Yan:

    Kris – I apologize for your unpleasent experience with Memory Suppliers, Inc.

    We try our best to have customer’s complete satisfaction. If there is an issue, I am willing to go out of our way to have it rectified right away. I could be contacted via the phone (800) 979-9707 Ext 227, or via e-mail If it is within a reason and within our Store Policy, I guarantee that the issue will be rectified.

    [me: Best of luck Kris!]

  15. Doug,

    I am sorry to inform you, but… unfortunately your “psychic powers” did not seem to work this time.

    After reading this post, we were able to successfully pull up customer’s profile (since there was a real name in the header). After looking further into the issue, it was clear that customer was due a refund, a refund was issued immadiately and customer was notified and explained what had happened and why there was a delay in the process.

    We at Memory Suppliers, Inc. strive to have Customer’s 100% Satisfaction, unfortunately achievement of “Perfection” is very hard to accomplish. If there is an issue and Customer feels that he/she needs to publicly address it to get Memory Suppliers’ attention that is not the actual case.

    Most of the issues above could have been rectified if customer simply contacted our Customer Service. In some cases Customers would like to have an issue resolved, even if it was not Memory Supplier’s fault, and we will go out of our way to Satisfy our customers.

    I highly urge customers to contact me directly if their issue was not resolved through our Customer Care, but if they feel that they need to express their opinion, I have only 1 request… Please leave your contact information, and I guarantee the issue will be looked into immadiately and resolved.

  16. Celia

    Very unsatisfied. I ordered (18) SanDisk Compact Flash Memory Cards – something I’ve ordered from them before. Today they arrived – unlabeled! No labels at all. Nothing to show a manufacturer, the size… Nada. I called to complain – the clerk said they might be something that the company received that way (oem)… I explained that they are shown labeled on their website and not described as an oem product. It’s very shifty to show one product on the website and deliver an entirely different one. Last time I checked, the term was “Bait and Switch”. Never using them again.

  17. Purchased an 89 dollars samsung memeory module and they send a cheap brand that was doa.
    The took 9 business days to get the order here and i was out of town for the following week so i have one week to get this back.
    It was a classic Bait and switch. Too many good dealers out there do not trust this outfit.
    they are underhanded and dishonest

  18. Bryan

    Screw you YAN, seriously 400$ mushkin ddr3 4gb module and a fake Fedex tracking number lol what a dick. I called fedex and talked to them personally and they have never even recieved a notice from your company. kiss my ass

  19. Bryan

    i must admit literally 20 minutes after i posted the last complain yan call me on the phone and told me exactly what was going on with my order.

    thanks yan

  20. Bryan

    i must admit literally 20 minutes after i posted the last complaint yan called me on the phone and told me exactly what was going on with my order.

    thanks yan

  21. Herb

    Thanks for all the reviews here. I will be keeping my money and deal with a reputable seller.

  22. dhchooch,

    We have just received the merchandise back. We apologize about the inconvenience, however as stated in the description of the item “Samsung/Micron” – which means the brand would either be Samsung or Micron. The Memory Module that you received was an original Micron Module. We have yet to test the module… But, we have issued a full refund back to your Credit Card. There was no Bait and Switch intended, please review a copy of the invoice again and you will notice that it states “Samsung/Micron”.


    If there is an issue that has not been resolved yet, please contact me directly.

    My contact information is: or 800-979-9707 Ext 227 – Yan

  23. austinxh

    I ordered memory from them and the second day was told via email that they shipped that, now after two weeks I did not get anything, and two emails to them had no responses. stay away from them, i will have to dispute the credit card charge with them this weekend.

  24. I appreciate the refund and thanfully paypal insured that I would receive it.
    As Far as the confusion over which brand why don’t you write SAMSUNG OR MICRON.
    As far as I know the Samsung Micron was the same…they are not. did you read the brand name on the returned item? no mention Micron either. I have a photo in case I needed it with Paypal.
    Anyway I found this site to vent due to the 2 hours wasted with a DOA module.
    I will say at least you respond to this site.

    To think that you still get 100’s of orders makes me angry that I did not research you before I wasted the time.

  25. Ordered 100 USB flash drives w/custom logo. Order arrived from Hong Kong in timely manner but flash drives weren’t exactly what we ordered. Sent order back and were reordered. No additional cost to us. 2nd order arrived on time and exactly how we needed. No problems with customer service. Were very responsive to our issue.

  26. travis

    yan, because you have failed to respond to my repeated requests that you fulfill your obligation to me under our contract, i am making you a charter member of our “bad business practices timeout” club. as a member of the club, your previously posted comments will be temporarily removed, and you will be barred from posting future comments without my permission.

    when you have refunded the money you promised to my credit card, i will consider reinstating your commenting privileges and republishing your comments in this thread.

    since you continue to deny that i ever fulfilled my end of the contract, please review this page on the wayback machine from 2006:

  27. doug



    It could be because you posted two comments close together (your original complaint and then the compliment). Or because you double posted the exact same comment (the compliment, twice).

    [travis here: i have temporarily suspended all commenting by yan and his minions until my concerns are addressed. i have repeatedly asserted he is the one who is in the wrong, not me in the dispute that i have discussed at length on this page, and i am not going to allow him to use this thread to defend or advertise for memoryunsuppliers, or claim that they have good customer service, or that they will resolve all your problems for real. he has never honestly addressed my problem, and the fact that others, like darin, in this thread have had the same or similar problems is just a sign that this company is dishonest.

    back in july, i asked yan to please refund my money or i would file a lawsuit. he completely ignored me, and yet continued to post here claiming everyone’s problems are quickly resolved as soon as a complaint is filed. that is pure, steaming BS.

    i hope everyone understands. please feel free to post all your feelings on memoryscammers, good or bad, and i will consider approving those comments after memoryunsuppliers performs fully its commitment to me.]

  28. Respected Ones,

    I apologize for not immadiately responding to the concerns that have been brought up here in the past couple of days. I am currently on a mini vacation, having limited time for internet usage makes it very difficult to review each issue fully, I will be coming back on Monday. I promise to look into each case individually and respond publicly addressing each issue either on Monday afternoon or early Tuesday.

    Thank you for your patience,


  29. austinxh,

    Please contact me directly at 800-979-9707 Ext 227 or via e-mail at and I assure you the issue will be resolved right away.

    Thank you,


  30. dhchooch,

    I have sent you an e-mail explaining and addressed all of the concerns. Hopefully I will hear back from you soon, so we could have this resolved for you. If for some reason you did not receive an e-mail from me please call me toll free at 800-979-9707 Ext 227.

    Thank you,


  31. I left several rants on this site due to a mix up between my order and memory suppliers.

    After further review it was my lack of knowledge on the brand names that caused the mix up.

    They refunded my money and shipping once I sent the item back and offered up restitution to try and keep me as a customer.

    So I need to retract all my negative comments due to the fact that I was not prepared to purchase rather than Memoeysuppliers making a mistake.

    I will do business with them again as I have never had anyone respond as they have. I am more than satisfied.

    Please be sure to either pull my post down or leave this one up.


  32. travis

    yak, you may send payment via paypal to:

    thank you.

  33. travis

    my dispute has been resolved. through paypal i received the following message:

    Once again, I apologize about all the inconvenience. We now issue $15 for an active link, since your blog is currently active I feel that our of principal a $15 refund is due vs $5. I would also like to thank you for keeping the blog active and giving me a chance to respond and resolve issues.

    thank you, yan, for working with me to resolve this. i will recommend that people contact you directly in the future to resolve their issues. i have restored the comments that were put into moderation, and, again, wish you the best with your business.

  34. Lynne Thomas

    I made an order in June which I did not receive. They know I did not receive it. I paid extra for 3 day delivery. No delivery yet made. I was out of the country but have been calling since September 10,2008 and all I get is lies. This one order has been shipped right away( after my Sept. 10 call), Sept 20, Oct 2. This is indeed strange since there has been no delivery from any of those days. Oh, did I forget to mention they have had my money since end of June!! Can you say FRAUD!!!

  35. fern weber

    I like them

  36. Lynne Thomas

    After my above comment I was contacted and was assured the matter would be completed to my satisfaction. I have to say it was…I received my battery and a 50% refund for the hassle. I don’t think there was intentional fraud but they really need to handle their customers a little better.

  37. Jane Roberts

    I had no problems

  38. Jay

    O MY LORD!

    I wish I had seen all these comments about this website prior to purchasing the memory from them.

    Recently, I also had a horrible experience with this website:

    1. They advertised a brand name product but send something else.
    2. They claim to send you tracking number within 48 hrs but i never received a tracking number until I wrote an email asking for it.
    3. I asked for the original product to be shipped but they asked me to return the shipped product first.
    4. Finally, they accepted the fact that they did not have the original product they advertised but claimed that the product they sent is equally compatible.

    When I emailed them that I will report their website with BBB and other corresponding agencies who deal with online fraud, their customer rep start calling me on phone to resolve the issue and claimed himself to be MORE EDUCATED than me as I refused to listen to his explaination.

    After all this episode, I DO NOT recommend anyone to buy any product from them. Pathetic customer service and fake products.

  39. Hopefully all are having safe and a wonderful Turkey Day!

    …now to the issue at hand, which is described above by Mr. Jay.

    1. Advertised/Sold product could be found on the following site: – Please note the product is advertised as SAMSUNG/TMTC. Customer was sent TMTC modules. Unfortunately it seems as if customer misread the description of the product and assumed that it will be Samsung Only. We do not mean to mislead people or mis advertise the merchandise. A lot of our memory products will display 2 major manufacturer’s, which are identical in functionality and in quality. This particular product has been displaying the same description for the past 4 years.

    2. Tracking number was sent 3 hours, 7 minutes after the order was placed to the e-mail address on file, and yes I did look at our outgoing e-mails and confirmed that it indeed go out. Also, FREE USPS shipping was chosen for this order, the merchandise was shipped the same day and delivered 4 days later.

    3. If expedited exchange was requested, it would have been granted, even though the correct merchandise was shipped. We would have also covered all the shipping expenses or e-mailed a return label.

    4. After numerous harassment e-mails to our customer service, I picked the phone up in hopes of resolving this issue. Over the phone I have advised the customer that currently we do not have Samsung and only have TMTC, which is a very reputable brand in the “memory world”. I have advised the customer that the memory is backed up by a Life Time Warranty, but if customer wanted Samsung Only, it would not be a problem to exchange the merchandise. The only issue was, which I explained to Mr. Jay, we were to receive a new shipment on December 1st, but Mr. Jay absolutely wanted his product on November 27th (Holiday) and no later.

    I took the liberty of trying to resolve this issue after numerous harassment e-mails to our customer service. I will not display or mention the language that was used by the customer, the only thing I will say is… after reading correspondence between Mr. Jay and our customer support I could not believe that someone just refused to listen and understand facts, so I picked up the phone and called Mr. Jay. After being insulted on the phone for about 3 minutes I told Mr. Jay that we will go ahead and Refund his transaction in full that same day and e-mail him a return label.

    As soon as I hung up the phone, I processed a REFUND in full, without even waiting for the merchandise to come back, and we have also e-mailed Mr. Jay a return label.

    It is very unfortunate that we did not come to a positive resolution on this issue, and I myself am not happy the way this order has turned out to be. Customer Satisfaction is our number 1 goal and as I have stated here previously we will do absolutely anything to make our Customers Satisfied. I explained to Mr. Jay that the product was equal in quality to Samsung, but Mr. Jay refused to listen; I offered an expedited exchange as soon as we would receive the product, but Mr. Jay wanted to receive merchandise the next day, which happened to be a Holiday. As an end result, the only thing that was left to do is to issue customer a full refund… which was done immediately.

    I would still like to apologize to Mr. Jay about unsatisfactory experience with and would still hope to resolve this issue to Mr. Jay’s satisfaction.

    For everyone else, if you have an issue with a purchase from and our Customer Support cannot resolve it please, please, please contact me directly and I will do my absolute do my best to have it rectified for you immediately. We are a Customer Service Focused company and Customer Satisfaction is our number one goal. My contact info once again is 800-979-9707 Ext 227 if there is no answer please e-mail me as I check my e-mails 7 days a week

    Wishing All Safe and Happy Upcoming Holidays!

  40. Alina T.

    [this comment has been removed]