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Oct 20th 2005

miers’ letter to the senate judiciary committee

read excerpts here. one portion:

“When Chief Justice William Rehnquist passed away, I participated in consideration of potential nominees, by freshening coffee for top White House officials, including the President, and assisting with donut selection during meetings.

“On the evening of October 2, I had dinner with the President and Mrs. Bush, and that’s when the First Lady offered me the Supreme Court job. It was another historic ‘first’ for me–I’m the first woman ever to be nominated to the Supreme Court by a Republican President whose wife’s first name is Laura.

“Despite my concerns about whether I could figure out some of the tricky parts of the Constitution, I accepted the offer because it means steady employment and an opportunity to advance my judicial agenda, whatever that might turn out to be.”

more. i really can’t wait for the hearings to start. i mean, she can’t possibly be as unqualified as we’re all thinking she is….right?

4 Responses to “miers’ letter to the senate judiciary committee”

  1. On some of the answers, you wonder if she was joking or something. Was someone who was a partner at a law firm really out of it enough to say some of these things? If so, I know there’s hope for me.

  2. there is hope for you. but this is satire.


  3. I wonder what her real answers are. They cannot be much better.

  4. Al

    I’m sure her real comment said that her assistant got the coffee. She still played an important part in the sprinkle/non-sprinkle discussion.