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Apr 2nd 2005

Mitch Hedberg (1968-2005)

(quiet mumbly voice)

As many of you already know, the inspiration for this blog, Mitch Hedberg, has died.

You can read all about it through Google News.

We will be adding several Mitch related elements to the page over the next little while.

26 Responses to “Mitch Hedberg (1968-2005)”

  1. Mitch has a new CD coming out called All Encompassingly.

  2. doug

    I believe he actually had the CD title changed to “Mitch All Together”

  3. rachel

    truly a tragic loss….

  4. Josh

    RIP Mitch — you were my favorite…

  5. I love your domain name.

    What a sad, sad day.

  6. No way! I can’t believe it. Life is so fragile.

  7. Al

    Very sad. Will you still have a daily mitch in tribute?

  8. I am truely sadened by this loss to humanity and comedy. his subtle outlook on the world was a ray of sunshine on a bad day. i only regret that i did not get to see him live… i heard about this on adult swim and had to check and find out if it was true. I only hope that some sort of fund is set up in his name which i will surely donate to, if only to make sure college students always have airconditioners in their rooms.. RIP Mitch

  9. Timothy Whateley

    Mitch Hedberg, what else is there to say. You made me laugh harder then any person could. I saw you three times live and I saw you make appearences in my dreams only I did’nt know it would be the closest to knowing you I could ever get. My biggest regret is never telling you how much you ment to me, I can remember the first time i heard you after downloading some random file on napster, after that day years ago I would never be the same. I made every person I know listen to him after that, I found that everyone loved him, the kind of person that couldnt appreciate Mitch is a person i dont want to know. All I can do now is hope that when my time comes, you will be waiting to greet me with a big smile. Another part of me wants this to be false, I can picture you and your loved ones in your secret hideaway. I hope you are happy wherever you are now and I want you to know that my life was changed by you. You will forever be in my heart as well as all your fans, to me, you will never die.

  10. gfunk

    my father called me and asked if i was greiving, i said waht for the pope? he said no for mitch hedberg. i couldnt belive it. i still cant. i do drugs and you know what? they suck. if he did die cause of drugs that sucks but at least he went out with a bang. and if he didnt die of a drug realated problem, God be with him, God be with him either way, i just know i wouldnt want people saying i died of an overdose if i didnt. either way, God bless, have fun mitch, hopefully ill eventually meet you. i love you, peace to the fam

  11. i tell mitch jokes at work all the time and everybody thinks i’m hilarious. mitch was so unique, so special in both his delivery and subject matter. for instance, he didn’t talk graphically about sex, women’s bodies, drugs, or very crude stuff like that (although he vaguely joked about drugs “i used to do drugs [pause] i still do, but i used to, too”). i didn’t get some of his jokes the first time i heard them. he was truly a comic genius.

    now, i need everyone’s help to convince my wife to name our firstborn son after him.

  12. “now, i need everyone’s help to convince my wife to name our firstborn son after him.”

    Travis, tell her that Mitch (Mitchell means the same as Michael) means “Who is like God?” Maybe that might have some influence?
    Nah, probably not. But maybe for a middle name? Good luck. We’re all missing Mitch greatly. I guess they needed some better entertainment in the spirit world; they got it now. *sniff*

  13. peggy, thank you for your help. i will pass on that information to her, as well as the audio of several of mitch’s classic performances.

  14. Evab=n

    RIP’re the man

  15. Evan

    RIP mitch…you will be forver missed. You are a great comedian and an even better man…see you in heaven

  16. mac


  17. Tim

    Someone know what hotel he died in? I live 2 towns over from Livingston, NJ.

  18. chelsea

    i miss him so much. he waz so cool. i hadn’t liked him 2 long b4 he died. my brother is the 1 that got me like him. he went 2 a show. i relle wish i had gone but i went to a concert instead. i guess i figured i could see him another time. i waz so wrong.

  19. David

    Mitch Hedberg was the greatest comedian ever. His death was a tragic loss for mankind. He made me laugh harder than anything else. He will truly be missed.

  20. Don

    There are very few “great” comedians ever to grace God’s green earth-Carlin,Pryor,Hicks,Kinison etc. These days there are even fewer. The ones that burn so bright burn out the quickest sometimes (Hicks, Kinison and now Mitch). In a way I was surprised but not shocked when I learned he had passed away, but he is sorely missed. He had a lot more to offer, I wish there was more than two albums. RIP

  21. Todd

    A day does not go by that I don’t think of Mitch not only was he a great comedian he was a great friend. I regret I did not see him at one of shows before he passed away.

  22. Craig

    I have been listening to Mitch a lot in the last couple weeks but I didnt know he was before…i had no idea that he had died and i am sad to learn that there will be no more of his cds…we miss you mitch

  23. ComedyJay

    Acme Comedy Company & RCM Entertainment are producing a benefit show on April 9th, 2006 in memory of Mitch Hedberg. The lineup is going to be great, as the best of comics and friends of Mitch take the stage to keep the laughter alive. More info to come in the upcoming months.

  24. magnum

    I guess alot of people were just begining to ‘get to know’ Mitch.. Its a serious loss, and one too soon.. We definately needed more of Mitch.. When I read the news article ‘Death still uncomfirmed’ I had heard rumors its was OD.. I was realy hoping that it isnt.. Its really tuff to accept the fact that someone you respected soo much died of OD.. lets just hope Mitch’s legacy and positive impact helps other people stay away from such problems..

  25. ComedyJay

    April 30th, at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis! The Mitch Hedberg Tribute Show!!!
    Patton Oswalt, Dave Mordal, Nick Swardson, and Mike Birbiglia are all on board. More comics are lining up to join the show! Tickets go on sale Friday March 17th at 10am @ has all the info, as well as their homepage:

  26. kyle

    MITCH IS THE BEST. and remember an escalator can never break down….it can only become stairs 😉