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Aug 26th 2004

mixing music and politics

alice cooper: not afraid to use props

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In the eyes of Alice Cooper, all the rock stars campaigning for Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry are guilty of one thing: treason. The shock-rock legend, a staunch Republican who attends NBA games in Phoenix with Arizona Senator John McCain, was disgusted when he learned of plans by Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, R.E.M. and other bands to hold a series of concerts aimed at unseating U.S. President George W. Bush.

“To me, that’s treason. I call it treason against rock ‘n’ roll because rock is the antithesis of politics. Rock should never be in bed with politics,” says the 56-year-old Cooper, who begins a 15-city Canadian tour on Aug. 20 in Thunder Bay, Ont.

“When I was a kid and my parents started talking about politics, I’d run to my room and put on the Rolling Stones as loud as I could. So when I see all these rock stars up there talking politics, it makes me sick.

”If you’re listening to a rock star in order to get your information on who to vote for, you’re a bigger moron than they are. Why are we rock stars? Because we’re morons. We sleep all day, we play music at night and very rarely do we sit around reading the Washington Journal.” [link]

heh. see also laura ingraham’s superb hollywood expose, shut up and sing and our recent post on the ramones.

the idiotic canadian (ah, but i’m being redundant!) writer of the article then adds,

“Despite his strong insistence that rock has no place in politics, Cooper is one of just a handful of high-profile musicians who’ve proclaimed support for Bush.” [link]

linda ronstadt, pictured here after the sex change operation which made him 'larry ronstadt'

what in the crap is that supposed to mean, you moron?! cooper is railing against musicians who’ve made politics a part of their act, such as artists on fat wreck chords’ “rock against bush” vols. I & II, linda ronstadt, the dixie chicks, and others who taint their performances with remarks and opinions that offend a large portion of the audience. as far as i can tell, cooper has committed no such treason against rock and roll. a lexis-nexis search of “alice cooper” and “john kerry” turned up only one semi-relevant result. it is an article from early this month which reports that part of cooper’s show satirized both the kerry and bush campaigns, undoubtedly to the delight of all in attendance:

The grand finale saw a top-hat and tails Cooper crowing “I Wanna Be Elected,” as a faux John Kerry and George Bush rocked along hilariously. “Bush” ripped off “Kerry’s” suitcoat and shirt – a la Janet Jackson – to reveal a tassle on his nipple, while “Bush” lost his pants on the way out, revealing yellow boxers with cartoon figures.” [The Patriot Ledger (Quincy, MA) August 3, 2004, by Jay N. Miller]

see…that’s humor, not politics. and when cooper states (in a private interview) that he supports bush, he is not engaging in the same disgusting behavior as NOFX, bruce springsteen, john cougar mellencamp, dave matthews, and others who have dedicated entire albums, songs, and shows to the “anybody but bush” campaign.

6 Responses to “mixing music and politics”

  1. Another great post from you, Travis…

    Received your wedding invitation…only wish I could find time to go…you are one lucky dog! You have been blessed! She is a great catch of the first order. You deserve this fantastic woman…and vice versa.

    I have to admit you also caught ahold of a very good photographer. A fantastic picture of you and Summer…

  2. al

    Very true. If Trav looks good in the picture you know the photographer had to be a good one!!!

  3. Me

    What in the hell are you going on about? Unless you are completely stupid, you should realise that rock music and punk in particular have always been inherently political. Have you not seen school of rock? If Jack Black can teach the meaning of rock to a bunch of kids then you must be able to grasp the idea; Rock is about ‘sticking it to the man’ it is about resistance and is therefore political to the core. What NOFX and the rest are doing is being true to rock. think about it its obvious.

  4. travis

    excuse me? punk rock isn’t about endorsing a viable democratic candidate, it is about rejecting ALL authority and ALL conformity. these groups campaigned for democrat (read: in the pocket of large corporations) billionaire john kerry but they should have been preaching anarchy.

    punk rock does want to “stick it to the man”. but “the man” is not just republican, my friend. whatever conservative leadership is, democratic leadership is, too. what NOFX and the rest did this election year was whore themselves out to a scheme that is no better than the alternative. they sold out. but i guess that’s nothing new to bands like green day and simple plan.

    think about it its obvious.

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