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Aug 8th 2003

More Liberal Hypocrisy

Thanks to for bringing the following to our attention:

This morning on NPR there was an unbelievable demonstration of liberal bias and liberal obtuseness. It began with a ridiculous story about how Amnesty International is worried about five thousand Iraqi prisoners of war being held in prison in Iraq. They are worried because the prisoners have been subjected to such horrible things as being handcuffed, questioned, made to kneel down, and subjected to the heat of the desert.
The very next story on NPR was about the THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND mass graves that have been found in Iraq, allegedly mostly due to executions of innocent men, women and children by the regime of Saddam Hussein.

The complete absence of journalistic integrity at NPR is astounding. Yet through these exemplary lapses of self-respect we are occasionally rewarded in spades. The hypocrisy of the liberal position is laughable: On one hand, “Bush is a criminal for handcuffing and imprisoning criminals.” Yet on the other, “Bush is a criminal for ridding Baghdad of the man who executed the innocent at his pleasure.”

Listening to NPR makes the inane blather of the Democratic candidates seem positively Socratic.

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