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Sep 28th 2004

MST3K humor not only for nerds: satire works for sports, too

with all those old 'world's strongest man' episodes to mock, you know this show is going to be funny

if you were a fan of mystery science theater 3000, you’ll enjoy the new show on the ESPN classic network called cheap seats. it’s the funniest thing on TV right now. and while it follows the model of MST3K in that a couple of wiseacres crack jokes about whatever’s on the screen, it succeeds in solving (what i believe to have been) MST3K’s greatest flaw: the painful lulls in joke-making inherent in ridiculing an entire movie. the show moves quickly with short clips, packing a lot of laughs for a 30 minute show. watch some clips here.

6 Responses to “MST3K humor not only for nerds: satire works for sports, too”

  1. briant

    i look foward to watching this new show, but i believe that you are wrong that MST3K’s flaw is that is shows a whole movie. our generation is so used to instant gratification, and i think that is the difference from this new show and mstk3k. mst3k is more artistic because they have to use the whole movie.
    besides, the whole premise is that they watch the movies as punishment. the viewer is not required to watch the whole thing with them, but i stay because i know a good joke is coming. while i wait for the jokes, i watch the movie with them, thereby connecting with their pain and suffering. mst3k is flawless: it is what it is.

  2. briant

    sorry to comment twice. i think mst3k fans should also check out where the guys from mst3k take on new releases.

  3. briant, thanks for the recommendation. i checked out the site, and found a review for some medieval china game. the filmcrew disclaimer accompanying the review is notable:

    *The Film Crew and its affiliates do not recommend that children under the age of eighteen collect daggers, shoot arrows or engage in marionette-based sword battles without the supervision of a responsible adult.

    as for MST3K’s “flaw” i only call it a flaw because of that one time we tried to get those girls from apartment B-306 to watch it with us and they were not impressed.

    remember how the guys were all laughing hysterically and the girls seemed to take advantage of the slow parts to think about how they wished they were somewhere else, like making out with hot greasy guys on a beach in costa rica. at least, that’s the only explanation i can fathom.

    but i do not love MST3K any less.

  4. Richard

    Nice piece. I loved the short clips from the link! But I’d have to agree with Briant that it does play to the “instant-gratification” of today’s society. But nonetheless, the show does look hilarious.

  5. briant

    trav, i remember the awkwardness of it all. they really didnt think it was funny. i would think that they would be the kind of people who would like it too. oh well. im glad you still love mst3k.

  6. I’m sorry for those girls and there incapacity to watch what I think was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I guess maybe that makes me a nerd, but heck it really is funny.