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Dec 26th 2006

MySpace is the new GeoCities

If you’ve been on the net for at least eight or nine years then you certainly remember GeoCities.

As further evidence that MySpace is the new GeoCities, I bring you:

Top 8 Christmas MySpace Pages To Make Your Eyes Bleed

Gravy Boat Johnson

4 Responses to “MySpace is the new GeoCities”

  1. Ah! The blessed repeating background image!

  2. […] Yahoo certainly paid less for the whole basket of web 2.0 apps than Google paid for YouTube… perhaps they learnt from the experience of spendingUS$3.6bn on GeoCities in 1999. […]

  3. […] If an important part of MySpace’s business was serving pedophiles, then yeah, sue them into oblivion. But their core business is not dependent at all on usage by pedophiles. This isn’t a “liquor store depending on drunks for business” situation where the business fosters societal decay (although MySpace does foster web decay, but that’s another story). […]

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