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Apr 12th 2005

Nestor Kirchner

Nestor KirchnerThe future is now. Big brother has truly arrived in Argentina.

Argentina’s leftist president, Nestor Kirchner, has pushed through an unbelievable anti-privacy law which takes effect this July. My good Argentine friends will begin having their every move online monitored. Email, web sites visited, even instant messages, are going to be archived for ten years by internet service providers.

According to law 25.873 and decree 1563/04 Argentines will have no privacy online at all.

Read all about it (in Spanish).

UPDATE: Behold the power of all-encompassingly! Within minutes (literally) of this post going up, Nestor Kirchner ordered that decree 1563/04 be withdrawn. Argentines are safe for the time being.

5 Responses to “Nestor Kirchner”

  1. doug, you got the hookups. hollar if you hear me. sorry about maryland in the tourney.

  2. yddy42

    If you know someone who is willing to setup some /dev/null mailboxs in Argentina, perhaps one could setup a constant email stream going and fill-up a few ISP, at least have something interesting for the poor dweebs in the governement to look at. 😎

  3. awante_k

    If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to be scared of GO KIRCHNER!

  4. Andrew

    I don’t think anyone has much privacy online. The Internet is a very hostile place and to think otherwise is sort of foolishness.

    I hope you’re just as outraged by this


    especailly read the “FAILURE TO PROTECT CHILDREN FROM DRUG TRAFFICKING ACTIVITIES”. I’d like to read your take on that.

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