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Jul 31st 2008

Never talk to the police. Ever.

Convincing video that’s making the rounds on the interwebs.


6 Responses to “Never talk to the police. Ever.”

  1. Do I get any points for knowing the “answer” to the multiple choice question?

  2. Miguelito

    I admit, I couldn’t sit through that whole thing, but that guy seems like an incomorable blowhard and an embarassment to his profession.

  3. Watch the whole thing, Miguelito, and I think you will come to a different conclusion. That was a real eye-opener and definitely changes my view of talking to police.

  4. bnice

    i agree with david.

  5. Dr. Richard Kimball


  6. Jamie

    Wow, this guy could give John Moschitta a run for his money!