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May 19th 2005

Nominees and Senate Filibuster

Bob Dole has a great Op-Ed in today’s Washington Times on judicial nominees and filibusters in the Senate.

In the current debate over judicial nominations, some commentators claim Republicans such as myself are misrepresenting history by suggesting the current filibuster tactics of the Democrats are unprecedented.

These commentators cite the 1968 nomination of Abe Fortas to be chief justice of the United States as an example of how Republicans once attempted to block a judicial nomination on the Senate floor. I welcome the opportunity to respond to this claim, because the more Americans learn about the history of judicial nominations, the more they will realize how terribly off-track our confirmation process has become.

Read it all.

One Response to “Nominees and Senate Filibuster”

  1. Al

    Great catch, Doug, and great article! I especially love that the judge Carter nominated ended up resigning because of ethical issues. Now isn’t that nice. Just what we want in our chief justice of the most powerful court in the land, ethical issues.
    So, why then do we have so much debate over these nominations? Are there ethical issues that we don’t know about that the democrat senators know and aren’t revealing? Or are they really just that upset over President Bush nominating them over their own guys? And why do you think we don’t see these kinds of comparisons in the media more often? I wonder…