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Mar 26th 2009

Now backed by the full faith and credit of unicorn magic

Don’t know what else to say…


8 Responses to “Now backed by the full faith and credit of unicorn magic”

  1. Now we know what “Yes We Can” was all about.

    Yes we can print money recklessly. Yes we can break promises. Yes we can, because we can. (Who’s Yo Daddy?)

  2. doug

    I’m yo daddy.

  3. Miguel

    I don’t see the problem–I mean, this strategy seems to be going pretty well for Zimbabwe.

    At least we don’t have to worry about that pesky deflation for very long.

  4. Link in case I get the coding wrong.

  5. “Unicorn magic” seems to be pulling up gay ads from google ads.

  6. doug

    It’s not the phrase…it’s the magnificent rainbow in the drawing.

    Which makes me wonder…can we replace the bald eagle with a flying unicorn?

  7. N Chung

    Doug, the President has no control over monetary policy. You know better than this.

  8. doug


    1) I can see your IP address. You are are putting in way too many hours at the office. 😉

    2) I can’t imagine an alternate universe where Geithner/Obama aren’t talking and coordinating with Bernanke.

    3) Running truly ginormous deficits through Obama’s administration is going to weaken the dollar.