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Nov 19th 2004

NPR: “we are pretty much a bunch of right-wing kooks”

NPR, one of the news organizations most often guilty of political bias to the left, has come up with the whopper of all whoppers: “there is conservative bias in the media.” [link]. and the story takes the cake. i laughed out loud when they implied that jon stewart’s daily show is non-partisan. (does 1 kerry joke equal 19 jokes bush jokes? not in math class. but on NPR, that’s called “unbiased!”). the story is about 5 minutes long; just go listen.

who did NPR interview for the story?

  • ABC “nightline” host, ted koppel
  • comedy central’s “daily show” co-producer, stewart bailey
  • mother jones magazine publisher, jay harris
  • filmmaker of “outfoxed”, an anti-fox news documentary, robert greenwald.
  • all of the above lean left. there was a four second sound-byte from a conservative radio personality at the beginning of the segment, which presumably served to balance the piece out.

    in NPR’s attempt to highlight the “underlying conservative bias” in the media, they were unable to find more than one conservative media personality to interview. not too convincing.

    this “conservative bias” theory is about as dodgy as bill maher’s claim that hollywood is a hotbed of conservatism. i swear, these liberals will advocate any theory–no matter how outlandish–to convince themselves that they’re still fighting against the “system”.

    in another story, NPR wasn’t happy with the pew research poll’s findings that american journalists are, by far, more liberal than conservative. so they asked them to throw the study out in favor of a study would reflect–get this–the probability that the “media owners, publishers and upper management of news organizations are conservatives” who are putting pressure on the journalists. no joke.

    jeffrey dvorkin, 2 June 2004, “pew study: journalists and liberal bias”: I hope that Pew — a highly respected polling organization — would try again. A better poll would be to look more deeply into how journalistic checks and balances work: Do editors find that they are dealing with bias more than they used to? Do reporters and editors sense more or less pressure to deal with the campaigns in a certain way than they did in 2000? How does commercialism impact on the quality of reporting? Where does that pressure come from? Self-censorship or managerial fiat? Do readers, viewers and listeners sense a reticence on the part of journalists to go after the story in a post-Sept. 11 political environment?

    mr. dvorkin, how about this: how about we look at the media publications and productions themselves? the journalists’ finished products don’t lie. why are you in favor of ignoring existential evidence so we can ask such touchy-feely questions, the responses to which can be manipulated?

    for real, actual examples of bias against conservative viewpoints, there have been some excellent pieces in the last few weeks. a hilarious must-read from mark steyn provides excerpts to expose the cheerleading much of the media has done for kerry. then steyn goes on to provide perhaps the best analysis of the frenzied, pre-election al-qaqaa news:

    the Qaqaagate story is fascinating. What happened and when in Saddam’s al-Qaqaa facility is somewhat murky. Had the shameless gang at “60 Minutes” had their way, the missing explosives story would have aired 36 hours before the polls opened, with no time for anybody to put the alternative to the Bush incompetence scenario — i.e., that the stuff was moved to Syria before the war began. But never mind that. And never mind that the source for this story is a discredited U.N. official, Mohammed el-Baradei, on whose watch the IAEA not only missed entirely Libya’s WMD program but has proved remarkably accommodating of Iran’s.

    Forget all that. The main problem with this story is that it makes no sense in terms of the Democrats’ own narrative. For a year and a half, they’ve told us there were no WMD, Saddam wasn’t a threat, and “BUSH LIED!!!!!!!!!” about it all. I happen to disagree with that, but there’s no doubt that simply by hammering it home all day and night the Dems had some effect. Now they’re saying whoa, let’s back up, yes, as it happens, these non-existent weapons that Bush lied about the non-threatening Saddam having he did, in fact, have — and that fool Bush let the non-existent weapons get away. [link]

  • see also the NY post
  • charles at LGF notes how conspicuously absent the al qaqaa weapons story has been from the news since the election (suddenly it’s not important?)
  • alydaynet has some incriminating evidence from “unbiased” CNN.
  • carole simpson echoes a deranged leftist author and equates conservatives with slaveholders.
  • this bias, coupled with the loss of the media’s favored candidate, is why many are calling the main stream media (or MSM) one of the main losers this election year.

    and i couldn’t agree more.

    3 Responses to “NPR: “we are pretty much a bunch of right-wing kooks””

    1. Al

      I remember listening to that NPR piece. During the program, I only thought of how they were hurting the very un-biasness they were seeking. They were crying out for fairness that they themselves don’t want to recongnize when placed in front of their faces. It is denial. Denial that they are so far left they don’t even see the middle ground anymore, so they try and move it to fit their needs.

      This is the main issue with democrats now, particularly liberal media. They feel they are the middle ground and everything should be based off themselves. They are the majority viewpoint in America, or rather they create that viewpoint and expect everyone else to agree with them.

      The other issue plaguing the media is they don’t like to be critizised. They are in the business of critisising, but don’t even think about turning it back on them! Over the past year, all the news organizations that have had to retract statements or entire articles, or even fire lying “journalists”, have also demonstrated their bias towards themselves by forgetting any of it ever happened.

      There is a problem with the media today, and they are too far away from reality to even realize it.

    2. Those crazy Democrats, them…

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