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May 25th 2003

old man and the sea

Thanks goes out to the NY Post again for providing this newsworthy note:

American boater Ivan Rusch has been keeping the British coast guard on its tows. They’ve had to rescue him and his 31-foot sloop five times in the past two weeks.

In the most recent incident, officials said he became “tired and disoriented” when his yacht became stuck in a tidal race near Salcombe, off the south Devon coast.

They’ve expressed concern about his plans to sail to the U.S. alone. Rusch is 78 and took up sailing just three years ago.

Sail to the U.S. alone? Who is sailing instructor? Jack Kevorkian?

7 Responses to “old man and the sea”

  1. Josh

    How about George Clooney after taping “A Perfect Storm”. He learned how to sail out, but never bothered how to land anywhere.

  2. Mike Loesch

    Anyone at the age of 78 who tries to sail singlehanded should deserve some respect. I hope that I have the courage to try something as challenging when I am that age. Instead of posting short articles about people and poking fun at them (especially an old man) maybe you should turn your computer off, go sailing with Ivan, and see what’s happening in the rest of the world.

  3. ouch!

  4. doug, i think you made a good point. a 78-year old with little sailing experience should not try to sail across the atlantic ocean alone (especially considering his recent troubles–having to be rescued 5 times in 14 days). that is, as you imply with the witty jack kevorkian comment, suicide. he should either stick to the english channel, or solicit the help of someone. perhaps computer-hatin’ mike would like to help out.

  5. Doug

    Mike (& all),

    Agreed, Ivan was daring to try to sail alone. I’m sure he’s a really nice guy. But a man who is occupying the British Coast Guard almost every other day (5 times in 2 weeks) becoming “tired and disoriented” is not on the top of my list of “people I want to emulate in 50 years”.

    As for your invitation to “go sailing with Ivan, and see what’s happening in the rest of the world”, I’ll have to pass. I am going to visit Argentina this fall, and so I may meet up with Ivan there if he does take that trip to America and becomes “disoriented” on his way.


  6. Rich

    Yeah, I think I’ll take a trip with Ivan. I mean, the man probably has his own room on the Coast Guard ship. But it depends on his meal plan with the Coast Guard.

  7. I’ve sailed with Ivan on his boat, and on mine.
    I was the last guy on the dock when he set sail from
    Moss Landing, Ca. You have to give him a huge amount
    of credit for his journey so far. He’s an outstanding man, and a very good seaman.