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Oct 10th 2006

on democrats’ reaction to mark foley

democrats are outraged that the GOP leadership (specifically denny hastert) supposedly knew about what was going on with mark foley and his teenage page(s) for a long time, maybe a year.

what did democrats do when they knew about representative gerry studds‘ relationship with an underage teenage page? he refused to resign, turned his back on a censure vote, and democrats re-elected him 6 more times. what about when BJ clinton did his stuff, including being serviced by a young intern half his age while he was on the phone with a member of congress discussing troop deployments in the balkans? “it’s just about sex” democrats shouted, finally creating a rallying cry that resonated in their party. what about NJ governor jim mcgreevey, who appointed his gay lover to a high-paying political post? when allegations of his unethical escapades came out (rather than resign), he decided to stay in office a few more months, until it was too late for voters to select a successor in a special election. his replacement came from within the corrupt administration and was installed without a vote.

neither clinton nor studds had the dignity or class to step down. mcgreevey only did so when it was politically convenient. foley immediately stepped down, but now, suddenly, it’s not soon enough for democrats (i have an inkling it has something to do with foley’s party affiliation).

here are the first three comments from the post “foley instant messages transcript” at

CP, I just couldn’t suffer through the entire transcript. There MUST be at least a dozen or so indictable offenses that this creep has committed.
Resigning is not a punishment, and I fully expect some jurisdiction, preferably Federal, to indict, prosecute, and convict this slimeball.

It’s, gaaaawd, it’s sick. To make it erven worse, the Republican Leadership(sic) KNEW ABOUT IT FOR ALMOST A YEAR! (hat tip to Hunter over at KOS) And did nothing. It probably falls under both State and Federal Juristiction. But I’m not bettin’ on any indictment…

If that’s really the case, then the Republicans who covered it up are conspiritors to a crime. And while we’re at, let’s prosecute the parents as well for “being comfortable with” their child being verbally molested and stalked by a pedophile. That is parental neglect in the highest form.
None of these idiots are thinking about the young man involved, only their own best interests. They are ALL sick puppies…

then a comment at

Can you imagine if something like this had happened during the Clinton years with a Democratic congressman? They would be thundering Cartagena delenda est! Blood, prison, resignations. We’d never hear the end of it–there would be 24/7 scandal scandal scandal, cover-up cover-up cover-up.
Comment by Taurus — October 2, 2006 @ 9:58 am

(resignations? i think a key resignation–by bill clinton–would have assuaged the vast right wing conspiracy’s calls for his impeachment.)

i have highlighted what i think are the silliest grandstanding statements from the above selected comments. having done this, i want to reiterate that i am not defending mark foley. what i am doing is highlighting the grave differences between democrats’ reactions to gerry studds, bill clinton, james mcgreevey, et al, and their reaction to mark foley.

JD, on the chicago tribune’s “the swamp,” thinks democrats’ response shows the difference between how the democrats and republicans treat a sex scandal:

Clinton: Rock Star! Mel Reynolds: Pardoned by Rock Star. Gerry Stubbs:(Actually had sex with 17 year old male page) Reelected, supported by Gay Group: Barney Frank: “Party’s conscience”: McGreevy: Book and Oprah tour!

Foley: resigns and other resignations called for by Conservatives. [see the 9th comment down]

ann coulter suggests democrats’ confusing, opportunistic stances on homosexuality should be clarified with a rulebook:

We need to get a rulebook from the Democrats:
Boy Scouts — As gay as you want to be.
Priests — No gays!
Democrat politicians -Proud gay Americans.
Republican politicians – Presumed guilty.
White House Press Corps – No gays, unless they hate Bush.
Active Duty U.S. Military – As gay as possible.
Men Who Date Liza Minelli – Do I have to draw you a picture, Miss Thing?

This is the very definition of political opportunism. If Republicans had decided to spy on Foley for sending overly friendly e-mails to pages, Democrats would have been screaming about a Republican witch hunt against gays. But if they don’t, they’re enabling a sexual predator.

Talk to us Monday. Either we’ll be furious that Republicans violated the man’s civil rights, or we’ll be furious that they didn’t.

i have to agree with JD and coulter. it’s as if democrats think the more they wave their arms and scream, the less we notice their hypocrisy.

heh. it’s just the opposite.


sidenote: gerry studds holds the honor of being the first openly-gay member of congress. james mcgreevey holds the honor of being the first openly-gay state governor. i think it’s important to point this out, because of the great example they’ve set for the gays that have followed them into public service. no wonder barney frank ran a brothel out of his apartment. no wonder mark foley sent sexually explicit messages to teens. its the gay public servant’s M-O.

5 Responses to “on democrats’ reaction to mark foley”

  1. briant

    great post trav. it almost lives up to the famous apple struedel recipe doug posted. i have to agree the dems have a double standard problem, but you can hardly blame them considering the timing of it all. politics are really tainting every issue right now. lets move to cuba where 1) we dont have to worry about this and 2) we can have great bananas.

  2. doug

    Don’t forget the great baseball and free health care.

  3. Ryan

    I was watching CNN this past week and Paula Zahn could hardly contain herself as she excitedly discussed the woes of the Republican Party due to this scandal.

    It is interesting to finally hear about this Foley thing in context.

  4. briant

    i think glen beck was the first to call my attention to the previous page problems amongst the dems. watch that ryan.

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