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Dec 26th 2006

One Step Closer to 1984

This makes me want to move back to Latin America where many aspects of Orwellian big-brotherness, if desired, are too expensive for the government to implement.

England is not so lucky, having been blessed with both wealth and autocratic-leaning politicians.

“People are shocked when they hear the cameras talk, but when they see everyone else looking at them, they feel a twinge of conscience and comply,” said Mike Clark, a spokesman for Middlesbrough Council who recounted the incident. The city has placed speakers in its cameras, allowing operators to chastise miscreants who drop coffee cups, ride bicycles too fast or fight outside bars.

4 Responses to “One Step Closer to 1984”

  1. MIke

    I wonder what kind of stuff they say if an American Republican walks by. Probably not fit for print here.

  2. 1984 courtesy of George orWell Bush – “We’re not winning, but we’re not losing.” Now that’s newspeak-doublespeak of the ‘1984’ kind.

  3. I guess that bit of news would be shocking to Americans who enjoy more freedoms than any of us even realize; however, the European governments have been thinly veiled Socialist governments for so long now that I doubt they even worry about it. Surprising, isn’t it? I hope we never reach that level of complacency here!

    Bill, do you visit every Conservative blog to try out your “George orWell Bush” bit? Sheesh. I think you’re probably one of those Americans that I just mentioned above…

  4. bill, you know i like you, but i’m going to have to ask you to try to limit your comments to the subject at hand. in the past i have indulged you, but i am starting to notice an annoying pattern.

    on doug’s cynthia mckinney post, i thought it was fine when you pointed out how you want to see george bush impeached.

    on my botched joke post, i thought it was fine you when pointed out that you view the bush administration as a botched joke.

    but in this case, the post is about talking security cameras in england. your comment has nothing to do with either security cameras or england. big surprise: you want to talk about how your nemesis, george bush, factors in to the situation.

    another problem, bill, is that the way you have described newspeak is not even accurate. george bush in your example wasn’t using it. doublespeak is calling a used car “previously owned.” doublespeak is calling a retreat “redeployment.”

    Doublespeak is most reminiscent of Orwell’s “newspeak” when it is used by a government agency to cover up something unpleasant. The government may find the need to talk about something that has negative connotations to large portions of the public, and avoids backlash by replacing the term with a new one that most people will not recognize as the same thing. Thus “area denial munitions” means “landmines”, “physical persuasion” and “tough questioning” mean “torture”, and “operational exhaustion” means “shell shock.” [source: wikipedia]

    please try to do better in the future.