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Apr 18th 2004

palestinian children

yesterday i was on campus writing a paper. someone had put up some signs supporting palestine in the hallway of the humanities building. the signs charge israel with terrorism. specifically, they charge the israeli military with targeting palestinian youth. i think we can all agree that would be an atrocity if it were true, just like it is an atrocity that palestinians regularly murder innocent israeli citizens in restaurants and on buses. but–going back to the youth–palestinians strap bombs to their children, send them out to line up in front of tanks, and hide among them while firing on israelis (see photo, below). when the full story is reported, it doesn’t sound like israel is targeting kids. it sounds like…uh, i don’t know…watch this frightening video. (you’ll need real player)

HAMAS gunmen fire on the IDF while hiding in a crowd of children

HAMAS Gunmen fire on the IDF while Hiding in a crowd of Children

on my way past the signs, i had yesterday’s newspaper in my hand. i stopped and ripped out this political cartoon and tacked it in front of one of them. my point? ‘whomever you are’, its nice that you are watching out for the palestinian children, but if their parents don’t give a crap about their offspring’s well being, what is israel supposed to do about it? i mean, what’s next? palestinians kidnap their own kids and threaten to kill them if their demands are not met? when israel doesn’t bend, and the palestinians kill their own kids, somehow they’ll find a way to blame israel. i mean, they aren’t that far from that already. these people are insane.

by the way, someone (i assume the original author) removed my adjustment to the sign shortly after i made it. i wish i could have seen the look of disgust on his or her face.

3 Responses to “palestinian children”

  1. Doug

    Print out a large version of the graphic you posted here, and post it around campus with the following caption:

    In another unexplained attack on civilians, the Israeli army fired upon this group of humanitarian workers who were delivering much needed aid to Palestinian children.

  2. Yesterday’s (4/20/2004) Best of the Web ( discusses the assasination of the latest Hamas leader. How he was a pediatrician who loved children. So much so that apparently it took Israel a month until it could make an attempt on him as he was always surrounding himself with children. Who really cares for the children of the Palestinians?

  3. indeed. the first sentence i quote here from the WSJ is exactly what i was trying to get across:

    Israel may or may not love Palestinian children, but it does a better job than the Palestinian “leaders” of looking out for their welfare. “Israeli government sources said they had struck at the first available opportunity, but had to wait for weeks because Rantisi had surrounded himself with children,” notes the Associated Press. [source]

    thanks for pointing me to the article.