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Sep 19th 2005

Pat Buchanan on Katrina

I think that Pat Buchanan hits the nail on the head (emphasis mine):

At the Superdome and New Orleans Convention Center, we saw the failure of 40 years of the Great Society. No sooner had Katrina passed by and the 17th Street levee broke than hundreds of young men who should have taken charge in helping the aged, the sick and the women with babies to safety took to the streets to shoot, loot and rape. The New Orleans police, their numbers cut by deserters who left their posts to look after their families, engaged in running gun battles all day long to stay alive and protect people.

It was the character and conduct of its people that makes the New Orleans disaster unique.

Americans were once famous for taking the initiative, for having young leaders rise up to take command in a crisis. See any of that at the Superdome? Sri Lankans and Indonesians, far poorer than we, did not behave like this in a tsunami that took 400 times as many lives as Katrina has thus far.

A sad, sad commentary on where America is headed (or has already arrived).

2 Responses to “Pat Buchanan on Katrina”

  1. Doug,
    I wonder if we can apply this to the entire country. After all, the American people have offered their homes, sent money, supplies, and aide. Coorporations such as Wal-mart have donated tremendous amounts of resources and labor as well. Is it possible that those young people in New Orleans are the ones who suffer from a serious deficiency in character? Maybe. Then again, maybe if a disaster were nation wide, we would see similar selfishness in all locations.

  2. Surely we can also say that our media tends to report the negative. I don’t doubt that there were many young men who have behaved (and still do) very graciously and helpfully towards the old and young in this tragedy.