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Jun 28th 2005

PBS Uses Federal Money to Preserve Federal Subsidy

Accuracy In Media is staying on top of the PBS lobbying effort. Apparently it was illegal.

“The law is clear,” Mr. Kincaid said. “It says that you may not use federal funds to influence or attempt to influence any member of the Executive or Legislative branches of government for the purpose of securing a grant or contract. But federally-funded public broadcasting succeeded in scaring Congress into thinking that Big Bird and Clifford the Big Red Dog were at risk because of the proposed cut.”

3 Responses to “PBS Uses Federal Money to Preserve Federal Subsidy”

  1. doug, you should get federal funding to change the template of all-encompassingly back to the way it was. here is what i hate: 1) stupid google ads, signs of sell outs. do you know that some of the ads are for democratic sites? 2) dumb blue heading-it reminds me of the days when the svga monitor just came out (you were like 8 years old) and i played scorched earth with 256 colors instead of 18. please go back to the old ways. i miss mitch quotes, links, and eps. the pic of the fat guy with the horses. if this gets filtered i will start a petition to change it back.

  2. Al

    i loved scorched earth!!!

  3. doug, the key word there is loved, past tense. i loved it too, but that was 20 years ago. please change the template, i beg you. only a socialist could approve of such a plain, simple, efficient use of cyberspace. what has come over you? this is my last comment before i start my smear campaign. at least give me more of a justification than “i loved scorched earth.”