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Jul 20th 2004

photo montages

  • the john-johns as girlie men by 2flower
  • john “you’re not going to find us on vacation” kerry by drudge
  • UPDATE: IMAO offers some possible campaign scenarios surrounding the “girlie man” principle:

    President Bush should put out an ad with an Arnold voice over saying, “What if you elect Kerry president, and there is terrorist attack, but he can’t respond right away because he’s spending an hour fixing his hair, the frilly little girlie man?”

    In the Vice Presidential Debate, Dick Cheney could just keep bouncing a basketball off of John Edwards’s head while saying, “Are you going to cry? Are you going to cry?”

    To which Edwards will answer with a tearful, “Yes.”

    UPDATE: here’s an old collection of photos we compiled ourselves, when howard dean made one of his characteristic campaign blunders: [link]

    and another featuring stanley cup champions: [link]

    4 Responses to “photo montages”

    1. Al

      That is hilarious! I totally agree. I would pay money to see the Cheney/Edwards thing…

    2. Thank you so much for the link!

      BTW, in case you haven’t noticed, you have a wonderful blog here. I especially enjoyed reading about the Helen Thomas speech. Truly scary.

    3. John McCain

      Heard you were finally graduating from high school. Congradulations.

    4. john, you misspelled “congratulations”. i know it’s a tough one, but c’mon–even a lowly high school graduate like me can figure that out.