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Mar 26th 2004

points of interest from the 9/11 hearings

IMAO summarizes the top 10 points of interest from the 9/11 hearings. my favorites:


10. Every time Richard Clarke was asked a question, he’d give a short answer and then face the camera and say, “But you’ll have to buy my book to get the FULL story.”

9. It was determined that the only way to stop terrorism is to do something about it.

8. While terrorism is now a big focus of the government, they are still ignoring the looming ninja threat.
. . .
4. Heh heh. The former National Security Advisor’s name is “Sam Berger”. Does he have brother named “Cheese”?

3. Richard Clarke is adamant that, if we only were able to find out about the 9/11 plot and arrest everyone involved, we might have been able to prevent it.

2. Clinton’s search for Osama was far behind his search for poontang.

And the number one point of interest from the 9/11 Hearings…

The threat of terrorists trying their hardest to kill us all can actually be a boring topic when discussed in a committee.

can you imagine if they actually officially concluded #2 and put it in some formal report?

you KNOW everyone’s thinking it.

for more serious treatment of the 9/11 hearings and clarke’s testimony, try jeff jarvis [via instapundit]

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