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Nov 19th 2003

president bush’s visit to england

eye on the left has been watching the fervor surrounding the president’s visit to england. one remarkable excerpt caught my eye and tickled my funnybone:

Armed with a doctor’s certificate, recommendations from two psychiatrists and a straight-jacket, a group of campaigners will attempt to get George W Bush sectioned under the Mental Health Act (1983) during his visit to Britain this week. [source]

hilarious. they think he’s crazy. what will they come up with next? hanging chads? their accusations sound about as outrageous as some the “vast right-wing conspiracy” made about president clinton a few years ago (whitewater, monica lewinsky, gennifer flowers, kathleen willey, paula jones, purgery, etc).

except the ones about clinton were true.

notably, scrappleface reports on violence at peace protests.

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3 Responses to “president bush’s visit to england”

  1. I fink Tony Blair and Pressie Bush are a source of great evil!

  2. 14,000 cops are needed on duty to keep Presedent Bush under control.

  3. you make no sense. go get your whiny, nonsensical signs off the lawn before i come over there and kick your wimpy little british ass.