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Nov 24th 2003

protests in england


APRIL 2003: activists are nowhere to be seen at the site of their london anti-war protests this spring. the reason is unknown, but i have my ideas.

(1)(a) perhaps, when no one came to observe the protests (and with most of the protesters suffering from attention deficit disorder anyway), the bunch was easily distracted by their stash of illicit drugs and the ouija board seances inquiring when george bush would be ousted from power and justice restored to the world.

(1)(b) instead of protesting the war, the majority of protesters passed the time asking passersby if they could “spare some chaaaange, maaan?”. half of the proceeds from the begging went straight to al-qaeda, to help it defend itself from “american imperialism”. the generous and timely donation surely caught the eye of the nobel peace prize committee, a group that appreciates such initiative among terrorist-lovers and out-of-work artists.

…either that, or (2) the cretins couldn’t handle the brutal british spring weather.

(amateur photo) credit: summer ‘beez’, 5K champ

3 Responses to “protests in england”

  1. if i were a protester, or a “cretin”, that’s how i’d do it.

  2. briant

    nice pic

  3. carolyn

    the british protests continue.

    sunday night when taking the taxi from an east london tube stop to my friend’s house the driver engaged me in a conversation about bush. noting that i was american, he said, “your president really messed things up over here when he came to visit.” (I guess that the road closures and blocks from protestors were his fault.)

    my driver was a nigerian who has lived here for the past 12 years. “now clinton was a good president,” he said. i think that he also mentioned how he was a peoples man. he thought that the press had purposely tried to destroy him with the news of his scandals. he thought clinton had done no wrong, noting that everyone has weaknesses, and its so easy to be tempted. (now i’m beginning to think that he likes clinton because he identifies with him.)

    anyway, it was interesting. a taxi driver lesson on politics and morality.