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Sep 2nd 2005

animated: push button, receive bacon

push button, receive bacon

whoever made it: nice work –>

below you’ll see an earlier work by a (perhaps) less technologically-inclined artist:

push button, receive bacon

7 Responses to “animated: push button, receive bacon”

  1. "bob"

    where did all the comments go?

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  3. omg! this is really funny! i absolutely ♥ bacon. i don’t gorge on it or anything, i just have a very peculiar obsession. Check out it has all sorts of cool HP stuff, buy my roleplay character is “Chris P. Bacon” lol dunno y i’m telling you this it’s just that i’m all hyped up and i have no clue y but it’s just weird because when i get all hyped up i type really fast and i just typed this entire paragraph in about and minute.

  4. wow…..that was a really bad one. kk, i’m all better now, really. lol ttyl 🙂

  5. also: facebook app!

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