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Dec 20th 2003

quote of the day II

in the controversy over whether the proposed “freedom tower” at the world trade center site will be the world’s tallest building (or whether its uninhabitable parts are too significant to count toward the total height) a notable quotation was overheard:

One outspoken critic of the redevelopment at ground zero, John Lumea of the Phoenix Project, said, “The world’s tallest building moniker is a shibboleth of feel-good boosterism perpetrated by rebuilding officials who have nothing else to offer the public but a P.R. campaign.”

those are three words i particularly enjoy: moniker, shibboleth, and boosterism.

One Response to “quote of the day II”

  1. Well, I’m not sure that I really care whether the building is the tallest in the world or not. Even if it is, another building would pass it up eventually.

    But when I heard it was going to be 1776 feet tall, I thought, “Now THAT’S cool.”