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Jun 24th 2004

quote of the day IV

in his 1996 book, an intelligent person’s guide to philosophy, conservative british philosopher, roger scruton, describes the current, sad state of postmodern relativism perfectly. though his words are meant to pertain to philosophy, they might as well have been spoken of today’s scourge of liberalism and political correctness:

as the quantity of communication increases, so does its quality decline; and the most important sign of this is that it is no longer acceptable to say so. to criticize popular taste is to invite the charge of elitism, and to defend distinctions of value–between the virtuous and the vicious, the beautiful and the ugly, the sacred and the profane, the true and the false–is to offend against the only value-judgment that is widely accepted: the judgment that judgments are wrong.


please excuse the light blogging of late. doug is in el salvador, saving the world, and i’m studying for the LSAT and drafting my personal statement so that i can become a lawyer (and destroy the world, i guess).

One Response to “quote of the day IV”

  1. Al

    Great quote. It rings true to the media of today. Honestly, it isn’t the outright liberal bias that bothers me the most. It is the way in which the media appears to be undermining the US through attacking every possible event or person that might aid in bringing down President Bush. It amazes me.

    Trav, good luck with the LSAT and destroying all that is good in the world…