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Feb 26th 2007

Random Link Post #1

Some links from my surfings of the past week:

Google bomb explodes before reaching target

Magna Carta is a neo-liberal screed – fortunately Hugo Chavez is purging the Venezuelan constitution of all things capitalist.

Too many recipes, too little time to eat – Hungry for chocolate chip cookies?

Bolivia’s turmoil – Or, as Evo Morales says, “I’m here to resolve problems.”

LDS Scripture Tags – the scriptures go Web 2.0

Mauricio Macri to announce candidacy – I see a few similarities between Macri and Romney. They both were very successful businessmen, they financially turned around big sports projects (Boca Juniors and the Olympics), and they both may end up being president of their countries. Macri is about to run, again, for mayor/governor of Buenos Aires (city).

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  1. Special Ed

    I used to miss Mitch. I mean, I still do…but I used to, too. We’re not as funny as Mitch was but check out our site and post a link if you like it 🙂

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