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Jul 29th 2009

Rep. Paul Ryan on ObamaCare

7 Responses to “Rep. Paul Ryan on ObamaCare”

  1. Al

    Great video. I agree they should do town hall meetings and the like, so those of us who are against such plans may have our voices heard.

  2. Al

    I have contacted my congressman and senator and expressed my concerns on this healthcare reform bill if it comes out of committee as it stands.

    Here is a website for the House if you do not have your congressman’s email:

    Here is a website listing the senators, which can be filtered by state:

  3. I saw the last minute of that video a day or two ago where he talks about how he is surprised by people using “capitalist rhetoric” to sell a public option.

    Loved the earlier correction that he made about how congress has private health insurance and that the anchorwoman was mistaken.

    If only all of congress was as capable of communicating reality as Paul Ryan. He doesn’t seem as stuck in rhetoric and cliché buzz phrases.

  4. N Chung

    Holy cow! A politician actually knows what “actuarially equivalent” means!

    This guys is pretty impressive. Someone clarify for me: Currently I have BlueCross BlueShield through the Federal Employee health plan. So that’s not what a public option is?

  5. doug

    Currently I have BlueCross BlueShield through the Federal Employee health plan. So that’s not what a public option is?

    A public option would be the government serving as the insurance company, not merely paying for your insurance. They would be paying for actual care.

    Here is another great video:

  6. Al

    Nice find, Doug!!! Great video! I appreciate the effort of many in getting the facts out about these plans in congress and the administration. I wonder, however, if this is not the way to go, what is? What can we do? What is the solution? I do not think we should ever put ourselves into the mentality “well this is all we have, so we should go with this, our only option”. I would love to see more information about who has other ideas about how to “fix” healthcare.

  7. Sherilyn

    I just watched the second video and noticed that Howard Dean, I believe it was, talked about “giving people a choice.” Yet, by choosing the government option, doesn’t that actually severely limit their choices, since the government would then be deciding (instead of the individual) if that person was “worthy” of certain treatments? I thought that was part of Obama’s plan – the government decides what treatments to administer, etc. The patient doesn’t get as much say. So they’d actually be giving up some agency. Or am I thinking of something else?