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Jan 28th 2006

richard dutcher and the deserets

richard dutcher on LDS film quality

it sounds like the name of a band, but its actually a well-thought out conspiracy theory. a reporter from the deseret news appears to have misunderstood filmmaker richard dutcher’s recent comments at last weekend’s LDS film festival and miscostrued his comments to support friday’s headline: “LDS-film quality assailed.” our friend, alex hall, strenuously objects to the idea that that is what dutcher meant. read his post here.

5 Responses to “richard dutcher and the deserets”

  1. Hi guys and thanks for the link. Here is a follow-up article I just posted (which actually might have been an unrelated and tonally different prelude – no, I didn’t mean to type “totally” there).

  2. Ryan

    I really don’t care for anything this guy makes. His standard for appropriate content is diametrically opposed with itself. He’ll say, “I put stuff like that in because that is what I see in real life.” But then says, “I won’t put that in because I have standards…”

    Latest is he is visiting other churches to “broaden” his religious understanding of his own faith or something like that.

  3. Mark

    I thought the guy left the mormon church? But now he’s screening a movie called “Falling” at Sunstone? And yes, it has a mormon character in it.

    Whats up? Mormon or not?

  4. Becca

    Who knows Mark. Sounds like he’s been working on this one way before he left the church, maybe it’s his final Mormon movie. If that’s the case, I definately have to see it.

    Anyone else looking for the screening details, there’s an article here:

  5. New interview with Dutcher, in which he discusses “Falling” in detail (in addition to his other five films–“God’s Army,” “Brigham City,” “States of Grace,” “Girl Crazy,” and “Evil Angel”), and also talks about his two films he’ll be shooting later this year: