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Jan 16th 2008

romney leads republican party delegate race

having collected more delegates than all the other republican candidates combined.


8 Responses to “romney leads republican party delegate race”

  1. And the story out of Iowa, New Hampshire, Wyoming and Michigan is: “There is no front runner!”

    You have to fund-raise on par with lemonade stands to get credit for a win or solid finish in the early primaries.

  2. travis

    when romney was just leading the race numerically (but before his michigan victory), everyone was saying he should get out.

    now tonight, when romney’s victories and total returns dwarf the entire republican field, the media is saying the GOP field is “more jumbled than ever.”

    romney’s win didn’t do anything except mix people up!

    i don’t know why it is so hard for journalists to be honest about simple things like this.

  3. Front runner status is more than just who’s ahead – it’s who’s expected to stay ahead. People are waiting to see how Mitt does Feb. 5.

  4. travis

    but given the results, don’t think it is silly that people could be suggesting romney should get out before thompson or paul?

  5. doug

    I think money will prove a huge advantage for Romney.

    All of the Republican candidates, with the exception of Romney, are broke. What money they have left they are deploying in South Carolina and Florida and hoping that the results there will enable them to raise more money to compete in the February 5th Super Tuesday contests.

    In a weird way, the GOP presidential primary campaign now hinges on Mitt Romney. More specifically, it hinges on whether Romney will be willing to spend as much of his personal fortune as necessary to win the GOP nomination. That could amount to as much as $40 million, on top of the $17 million he has already contributed to the cause. If he does decide to fully fund his own campaign, then he will be able to outspend his rivals on television advertising by as much as 10-to-1 in state after state after state (think: February 5th). If someone asks you: “can Mitt Romney win the GOP nomination?” ask them: “is he willing to write the check?”

    Retail politicking is over. Huck can’t visit every megachurch in all the states that vote on Feb 5. Money is going to be a big advantage.

  6. Brad makes a valid point, but I think my original comment stands. Huckabee and McCain are lauded and the media seem poised to spring upon any sign of victory for them due to their lack of funds and their rise in the polls, etc…

    Can you imagine the story if McCain had placed 2nd in Iowa, won Wyoming, 2nd in New Hampshire, won Michigan? The race would be over according to them. With what has actually happened McCain has still blossomed into the media’s darling and there was this rabid anticipation for him to be the front runner.

    There is a disconnect regarding where money comes from. Yes, Romney has spent $17 million of his own. He has also raised more than any other republican (maybe tied with Giuliani). Personal money aside, he has raised bucketloads compared to McCain and Huckabee and still the expectations game set by the media is that due to his prowess, Romney must perform above and beyond McCain & Huckabee.

  7. Paul

    Why are there different reports of delegate counts? Compare, for example, this site to what is posted on ae.;_ylt=AsgoUS8kA.0F.CGQuMzK.uis0NUE?d=ST

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