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Feb 27th 2004

Sadly predictable

This does not surprise me at all:

Report: Police had 15 contacts with Columbine killers

Duh! Psychopathic teenagers don’t wander into school with shotguns because they think, “Hey, that might be cool” while chomping on Cheerios in the morning. These crazies always have a history with the police and/or the school. Why don’t law enforcement and school officials start cracking down on these ticking time bombs?

The scariest quotes:

“Authorities have said an anonymous tip that year led a deputy to a Web site run by Harris that said the two teens had built pipe bombs and concluded: ‘Now our only problem is to find the place that will be ground zero.’

“Hicks also looked into a 1998 complaint that Harris posted a death threat against a fellow student on the Web site, along with descriptions of pipe bombs he and Klebold built.

“Randy and Judy Brown, whose son was named in the threat, reported the information to the sheriff’s office. A warrant was drafted to search Harris’ home, but it was never executed. ”

One Response to “Sadly predictable”

  1. I work at a Title I school in California and I cannot count the number of similar threats that are simply dismissed by law-enforcement…not that i’m bitter.