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Aug 29th 2008

Sarah Palin: Dumb hick.

Yeah, right.

I can’t wait for the debate with Biden.

date of debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin

Can. Not. Wait.


11 Responses to “Sarah Palin: Dumb hick.”

  1. bnice

    she was on biden that long ago? wow.

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  3. oh yea

    I can’t either, she is going to get trounced with gusto. I cant believe they nominated this woman, what was the GOP thinking?

  4. Steve

    wow, she is really really dumb. She never answers any question even with the slightest fact check. It’s all “yup yup, we gotta do it…we gotta do everything….Obama Biden evil, I am good I know everything….foreigners Arabs bad. We gotta cut off the world and only LOVE America…vote for me!”

  5. Well Steve, I gotta admit, I’d love to see Biden on TV so I could formulate an opinion but I haven’t seen anything since Palin was chosen…

    (admittedly, I sporadically watch the various networks, but for real, I don’t think I’ve seen a single thing of him…maybe one soundbite?)

  6. Steve

    you are absolutely correct about Biden, Ryan. But I have to tell ya, seek and thou shall find! I never see much about Biden on TV either (then again, I don’t watch TV) and mostly when the news is on, Palin’s face is plastered all over. But search YouTube and Google Video and you’ll see more of Biden that you could have missed on TV. The news media has found the Paris Hilton of politics finally so they can trail her oily *** [edited] till November 4th and keep the American people uneducated about what really is going on. So it’s upto us to educate ourself, I believe. Cheers.

  7. […] Like I said in August, I couldn’t wait. […]

  8. Steve

    Well, she did prove that she was terribly versed on all the issues raised to her. Talking points and no intro, body, conclusion to any of her answers. An empty vessel.

    Biden, what can I say! An American to truly admire!

  9. Yo

    She hot though, mang. VPILF, mang.

  10. Alice

    Sarah is very beautiful and smart. Stop saying such mean things about her.

  11. Amy Perna

    Alice I hope you are enjoying your trailer park living life. I just hope whatever criminal record you have keeps you from voting.