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Oct 29th 2003

say thanks

the proud american girl pointed me in the direction of this project.

WND is sponsoring the opportunity for anyone and everyone to add their piece to a book they are publishing tentatively named “We Support You! Love, America” which will be delivered to military men and women overseas for Christmas. What better way to show your support than putting your own words into a book that thousands of our troops will receive and read?

You can do anything – poem, story, prayer, inspirational piece, or just words of appreciation – and WND will print it in their book where your name will be displayed in the acknowledgements section.

i’ve submitted something along the lines of this post, perhaps my participation here redeems me for not taking part in the 13th annual ‘make a difference day’? since i ain’t no poet, i just sent my thoughts. go here to submit your own.

ironic afterthought: if you are not thankful for america’s military men and women, that’s all well and good; but you should still thank them for ensuring you the right to be an ungrateful cretin.

She's a cretin - can't you see
She's a cretin - a sickie
She's a cretin - and I'm hoping that she'll hop away from me
Cretin, Cretin, oh she's a cretin  --the queers

remember, that’s a relatively rare privilege you have.

tianamen square (1989)

3 Responses to “say thanks”

  1. Thanx Travis 😉


  2. rich

    Amen Travis!

  3. travis

    honestly–does that magic-card-playing, coffee house-hangin’-out-in, flag-igniter freak REALLY think he would last 5 seconds against any oppressor AT ALL?

    he should be thankful that the most formidable fighting force in the world is in the right hands, defending his freedom to be such a wimpy, unproductive, misguided loon.