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Jan 27th 2007

Serena Williams: The best ever? Yup.

Is there any lingering doubt that Serena Williams is simply the best women’s tennis player of all time?

She completely dominates the sport a few years ago, seemingly grows tired of it, is injured most of last year and then comes back to win the Australian Open as an unseeded player, crushing Maria Sharapova in the second most lopsided final ever.

Hopefully she sticks around longer this time. After all, Venus isn’t doing that well (currently 47th in the world), so Serena probably won’t have to suffer the monotony of playing her sister in every grand slam final.

3 Responses to “Serena Williams: The best ever? Yup.”

  1. briant

    the funny thing was serena struggled through every other match and then by the time the finals came along her game was on again. i have never seen anyone play better than she did last night.

  2. doug

    That’s so true. I’m interested to see how her next tournament goes.

  3. Ben

    Steffi Graf won 22 grand slams and that will most likely never be topped. Will anyone even come close? Serena’s best tennis is certainly impressive. It’s hard to say who would win if both Steffi and Serena were playing their best tennis. Honestly, I think Serena would win some and Steffi would win some. Nevertheless, Steffi’s 22 grand slam titles gives her the claim for greatest ever in my book.