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Jan 31st 2008

Shame on McCain

Ryan says it best.

After watching some of the highlights from the California debate I have to say that McCain’s unwavering attacks on Romney’s position regarding timetables is unacceptable. He smirks and smiles as he asserts his point with one phrase taken out of an interview that clearly shows Romney has plenty of ammo to support his position against timetables of withdrawal.

One Response to “Shame on McCain”

  1. the CNN focus group said it all.
    the approval rating for Romney skyrocketed to 90 (i assume it was out of 100) while McCain’s plummeted. he didn’t win any voters over with that debacle of a performance. of course not much is being said. Realclear hasn’t released any new polls: leave it up to the MSM to supply the steam for the Straight Talk Express.