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Jul 26th 2003

should we trust british bodyguard interview??? plus, commentary on various liberal shenanigans

we don’t want to cause more liberal tantrums, so maybe we shouldn’t trust this information; it comes via the british, after all (see niger uranium hullaballoo), but it is a fantastic story. from fox news via times london, it is an interview with one of the hussein sons’ bodyguards. here’s an excerpt from the interview:

The bodyguard said the Americans’ [second] “decapitation” strike came [very close], and that Saddam survived only because several safe houses had come under attack and he suspected there was an informant within his camp.

Saddam asked the suspect, a captain, to prepare a safe house behind a restaurant in the Mansour district for a meeting. They arrived, and left again, almost immediately, by the back door. “Ten minutes after they went out of the door, it was bombed,” the bodyguard said.

Saddam had the captain summarily executed while the Pentagon was claiming that the strike had probably finished off Saddam and Uday. [read the whole article]

get up, you liberal wussies!  come on, get up!

speaking of a hullaballoo, liberal theatrics over president bush’s virtually meaningless SOTU comment remind me of watching a soccer match between two latin american teams. the losing team automatically goes down flailing, grabbing its shins or elbows whenever an opponent draws near, hoping a penalty call will somehow make up for their ineptitude at playing the game.

on the bright side, democratic candidate joe lieberman has not had to do this, opting for a more moderate (read: not moronic) position. whether or not i vote for lieberman in 2004 (nah…) he has at least earned my respect.

his party, however, has adopted the juvenile mighty ducks’ “take the fall! act hurt! get indignant!” strategy–a sure winner (hey, it worked in the movie…against 12 year olds).

in more comic relief via the left, berkeley is engaging in “scientific psychological studies.” in case they aren’t joking–and the press release is real–i recommend the following, which respond to the “study”:

the angry clam

jonah goldberg

cal thomas

the lemon dr wiseacre reports the findings of his own “scientific” study.

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