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Nov 12th 2004

simultaneously pitiful and hilarious

i haven’t browsed through all the pictures on this site yet. i’m saving it for a day when i’m feeling really depressed and need some sort of pick-me-up.

it’s called “sorry everybody”, and purports to apologize to the world for the results of the recent presidential election. thanks for the great pictures! i promise they’ll all be uploaded to within the week!

another thing that has literally made my day is the newsweek story written from inside the kerry campaign. [link] it seems to confirm everything i’ve ever assumed about john kerry, but was afraid to actually believe.

UPDATE: if you’ve combed through kos, the democratic underground, and sorry everybody, but still thirst for more “inspiring obstinance” from the rabidly anti-bush, try this 14-year old kid’s blog.

4 Responses to “simultaneously pitiful and hilarious”

  1. Perhaps we on the right should start a website like and in every picture have someone flicking off those countries that wanted Kerry to win.

  2. This was working on Friday :

    But it seems to be down today.

  3. Shelly

    The folks at the pictures may well be ugly, but at least they’re not pointing guns at the cameras like a lot of the guys!

  4. Wilky

    It is hilarious that a 14 year old thinks that Bush bankrupted social security then ends with this gem. ‘I’m not feeling particularly secure about my future’. Seems she just wants to move from her parents taking care of her to the government taking care of her. Some one needs to let her know that her future is in her hands. Parents, school, anybody, what a rude awaking she has coming.