we still remember mitch hedberg

A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer.

Jun 24th 2003

some funny things to surf:

1. Muslim groups push for Americans to add “Islamic” to the phrase “Judeo-Christian.” its a great idea, in my opinion, but you’ve got to admit their timing is kinda funny. couldn’t you wait ’til islam’s whole “we hate you, great satan mother of lies” mentality dies down a bit? then again, maybe it never will. why not push the envelope now?

2. martyr rachel corrie immortalized on SF mural. right alongside che and mumia! i couldn’t have picked a better threesome.


3. white people need to feel bad about themselves and their made up culture…well, at least for the next 25 years.

4. i’m smarter than the supreme court justices, because i realize that judging a college applicant based on his race is RACIST. if you want to help disadvantaged americans get into college then be fair about it. help people out based on factors like economic hardship, not knowing how to spell–whatever, but don’t take race into account. is that so hard?

5. watch out for people with mullets. they’re not just showing up drunk on “cops” anymore…


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