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Nov 21st 2007

Some liberals don’t “get” religion; Exhibit A

Michelle Cottle over at the TNR blog The Plank decries a church sign she saw this week.

But she completely misses the point!

On the way, I passed this United Methodist church with a sign out front boldly proclaiming:

     Experts built the Titanic.

     Amateurs Built the Ark.

Whatever your thoughts on biblical literalism, this is a tiresome sign of the times and, specifically, this culture’s widespread antipathy toward expertise…

When did our overabundance of attitude morph into some bizarre conviction that anyone with a specialized base of knowledge is automatically a buffoon and not to be trusted?

I just hope the church’s minister remembers his love of amateurs the next time he needs a root canal.

The sign isn’t laughing at the expertise of all ship builders or even experts in general.

It is lauding the knowledge (expertise!) and power of God.

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