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Feb 19th 2007

Steve Jobs: Teacher unions stink

This guy is on a roll.

Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs lambasted teacher unions Friday, claiming no amount of technology in the classroom would improve public schools until principals could fire bad teachers.

“I believe that what is wrong with our schools in this nation is that they have become unionized in the worst possible way,” Jobs said.

“This unionization and lifetime employment of K-12 teachers is off-the-charts crazy.”

5 Responses to “Steve Jobs: Teacher unions stink”

  1. Edna Jones

    When teachers get paid enough to financially support themselves at a middle-class income, then school districts and principals can be more picky…until then…SHUT YOUR CAKE HOLE.
    Plus…teacher unions do GREAT things like get teachers raises (to compensate for the increase in cost of living) and prevent teachers from having to put up with stupid district discipline procedures and other stuff that’s not in our contract.

  2. doug

    I think Edna proves Jobs’ point rather effectively.

  3. You know what Edna, you are absolutley right.
    Teachers, who work 5 days a week, get summers off, and get more days off for holidays than pretty much any job (besides being unemployed), definatley don’t do good enough. And the fact that the United States pays their teachers the most is completley in line with the fact that we have the best education system. Oh, wait, no… no we don’t. In comparison to pretty much any modernized nation, the US has the worst education. Its gonna be great, 30 years from now, when everyone in America is uneducated, and especially considering that in 30 years it will be even easier for people in other countries to take our jobs, makes it all the better.

    Woohoo Teacher’s Union!

  4. jrae

    It may well be true that there are some poor teachers. It is also true that I have known several bad principals. What is a good teacher? That question simply needs to be addressed. Is it gorgeous bulletin boards, high test scores, reading levels? When this is decided, perhaps, it would help teachers. Unfortunately, the people evaluating the teachers have disliked teaching to the point that they wanted out of the classroom. Yes, some may have simply wanted advancement, but most couldn’t hack it on a daily basis any longer. Teaching is the most difficult job in the world and I have had many. I went into teaching when I was fifty and already had a prior career. Inner city schools have problems that beggar the imagination. Some teachers get help and supplies and some do not. Some teachers get classes of average students and some get classes where a full one-third are emotionally disturbed. Until this country finds a way to remove students from the classroom who create a threat to others, and are so disruptive that no teaching can transpire, we will continue to have schools that don’t perform. It is one thing to put a handicapped child in regular education. It is entire another matter to put an emotionally unbalanced individual in a classroom where one student prevents others from learning and drains the teacher’s energy. Please tell me if you can what precisely defines a “good” teacher and how you expect learning to take place in a setting where some students are allowed to scream, fight, throw things, break school equipment, have tantrums, destroy teaching equipment, leave the class, etc? Don’t you think kids are smart enough to know that if other kids can get away with that in school, then simply being totally disagreeable and uncooperative will not even meet with any resistance by the school. We need to bring back consequences and stop looking to always focus on rewarding appropriate behaviors. We should be rewarding behaviors that are above and beyond, occasional rewarding appropriate behaviors and creating meaningful consequences for unacceptable behaviors.

  5. doug

    Great points, jrae. There are a lot of difficulties facing teachers today…perhaps some middle ground with the union would be to put the bad kids with the bad teachers?

    Who knows. :S