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Apr 19th 2003

the Arab world must industrialize

A thought provoking article appeared today on Arab News, “the Middle East’s Leading English Daily,” regarding the necessity of industrialization of the Arab world. In part is said:

Attaining economic freedom is the first step toward self-reliance. I find it extremely odd that a country such as Saudi Arabia, which is blessed with huge oil wealth, is not considered an industrial nation.

. . . . .

The beginning may prove difficult and problematic, especially when embarking on a major industrialization drive. We will undoubtedly meet losses and failures and our products may need a lot of improvement and polishing but this is the first step in the right direction. It is important we begin right now if we are to bridge the ever-widening gap with the industrial powers.

The need for Arab industrialization is urgent, as the rest of the article goes on to suggest. Looking down the road ten, twenty, thirty years it is not hard to see economic concerns (not necessarily environmental) leading the West to alternative forms of energy such as hydrogen. When Western dependence on oil has decreased, the Middle East will need to have developed an economic system that can absorb that sort of heavy, gradual shock of reduced demand.

All of this may be uncomfortable for those who are in favor of the status quo in the Middle East; but the fact remains that if meaningful progress of self-determination is really to be made in that part of the world, economic reform must play an integral part. Industrialization is a must.

4 Responses to “the Arab world must industrialize”

  1. doug, throw us a bone. a picture. some colorful graphics. anything. we aren’t in communist china, here!

    by the way, how did you fare in your ‘end of history’ class this semester?

  2. "bob"

    Doug you are right. I think that we should help them build factories. Then they will be industrialized…

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